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Ethnic Paintings

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African wall art painting : an ethnic and oriental touch on canvas painting

Whether African or Asian portraits or landscapes our collection of contemporary ethnic pictures shows a non-western style of painting in a traditional and modern way. The ethnic style shown on our painters’ canvases illustrate Eastern and African culture that will enable you to escape and travel to peaceful and rather new places. These modern pictures will make your home decoration warmer and exotic.


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Discover the ethnic paintings of Artwall and Co

The idea of ​​bringing ethnic and African styles to interior design is not a new trend. In the past, it was explorers and hunters who brought back memories from the old continent. We proudly hung masks or animal skins. In the current trend, it is rather the art of the African tribes who are honored for a warm, almost bewitching wall ornament.

Advantages of the ethnic painting

The phenomenon of globalization has favored the mixing of cultures and the evolution of trends. Art from distant lands becomes decorative in western homes.

A very powerful mood factor

Ethnic painting is first of all a powerful factor of atmosphere. Its decorative aspect draws its essence from the African culture that we know for its excessive expressionism. Ideal as the centerpiece of your wall decor, the canvas alone can change the look of your room.

An artistically formulated metaphorical image

The image on an African painting canvas is always metaphorical. The figuration at the basic level, with an artistic edge in the realization, this gives unique decorative qualities and a totally contemporary look.

The era of cultural appropriation

Today, modern wall decor allows you to travel across cultures and countries. Each continent has its own pictorial art, which gives very different artistic variances, even for a single subject. This is why the ethnic painting always amazes the visitor who sees your decor.

How to choose them to match your living room or office decor

Do you have favorite colors? Are there certain shapes that appeal to you? Choose your ethnic painting table according to your affinities and your tastes.

Choose your theme on Artwall and Co

Living room, kitchen, dining room or waiting room, ethnic paintings can be invited in any room of the house. You must choose something that speaks to you and that you can explain.

What colors impress you?

The warm and bright colors are intended to bring a warm appearance to the room to be decorated. They are suitable for both light colored and dark walls. If you prefer neutrality, opt for nature drawings, such as flowers or trees.

What styles make you stand out

An African painting can take observers on a trip. Mother earth, the ancient continent, its art and its landscapes ... With this collection of paintings, you can go on a safari, or dance with the sun.

The different styles of ethnic painting paintings on Artwall and Co

The painting of ethnic and African painting can make us discover a distant world. A different culture, but above all unusual scenes.

African art on an ethnic painting frame

The dance, the rituals… African art and its culture on an ethnic painting board always form a striking spectacle. It is a question of bringing to your interior a more sought-after aspect, sometimes unusual and astonishing.

The African landscape as interior decoration

Do you like travelling ? do you admire baobabs? Interior decoration has this advantage of being able to highlight the affinities that you have. The ethnic painting table allows you to share memories and show nature as you imagine it.

Paintings with an abstract ethnic style

On Artwall and Co, African art also sometimes rhymes with abstract. They are the masters of surrealism who express themselves on subjects that are dear to their hearts: romance, dance or love. A vision as artistic as it is structured that we like as a wall decoration.

How to install the ethnic oil painting

Observing a painting of ethnic style is always inspiring. But its fixing must be well done for a perfect aesthetic. Your interior decor is influenced. From manufacturing to installation, Artwall and Co reveals everything that makes this ornament a perfect object for your walls.

How ethnic paintings are made

The ethnic paintings are made by hand and with a brush by artists with undeniable talent. Made on an exceptional quality support, the canvas is designed to last and decorate in style. Sometimes a single work requires multiple panels. Everything is wrapped and protected in bubble wrap before being stored in a reinforced carton.

Installation of Artwall and Co's ethnic painting

A modern hanging system accompanies each model. The fixing is easy and solid, which allows to have a work highlighted and well hung. The ethnic and African painting canvas is a definite asset in the presentation, but also in its installation.