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Tropical aluminium photo : Modern wall decoration for a dream touch

The tropical art photos are made to give a special atmosphere in the room. Holiday colors and a landscape that makes you dream and brings you a warm side in a room with a good wall decoration design. The tropical art photos on Artwall and Co are prime examples. A tropical art photo is always recognizable by its landscape that evokes the holidays, creating a clearly welcoming atmosphere. It is a good alternative to decorate with modernity aneutral wall or with dark color. Whether for a bedroom, living room or dining room, there is always a tropical design photo that you can choose !


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In the tropics, an eternal summer that promises vacations throughout the year, this is what the tropical-themed aluminum wall art will inspire you. On an aluminum frame, the rendering is even more than breathtaking, the perfect cocktail to have an offbeat and original wall decoration.

An interior that smells of holidays with these wall decorations

Nature is expressed in art, this is what our artists want to transpose into each tropical aluminum frame. A theme where the imagination can overflow and have a variation of landscapes and colors. If you are looking for a refreshing wall decoration, bet on our tropical aluminum fabrics.

Choose between these coconut trees under a blue sky, these banana leaves photo art on a white background or the bright green monstera, the colorful flora expressed on the canvases. This tropical theme also honors the wildlife. The zebra, the toucan, the macaws, the giraffe or even the lemurs, the artistic beauty of the tropics will energize any interior.

A thousand and one ideas for different styles of aluminum wall art

With our collection of tropical forests, your wall is imbued with an exotic atmosphere, an escape from the routine and everyday races. When we talk about forests, we always expect a landscape rich in color. Our designers have made a whole album of it. These fine art photos will color a room in dressed white or adjust an atmosphere of greenery in a monochrome room.

If you want to keep a more sober decorative style, go for tropical black and white photos. But these are only examples that agree with this theme, because the advantage of these tropical aluminum art is their ease to blend with any style. So, don’t hesitate to take your pick from our wide range.

What does a tropical fine art photo look like on an aluminum frame ?

Internal and external wall decoration

Once printed on aluminum, the photo is adorned with great resistance to water and UV with the exterior option. The colors thus remain protected for many years. Now you can hang a wall art on the patio or on your balcony wall, without worrying about bad weather damaging your masterpiece.

More color clarity

Direct printing contributes greatly to color quality. All the contrasts stand out with unparalleled clarity and precision.

A matt or gloss finish

You are given the choice between what kind of finish you want to have for your tropical aluminium art. Depending on your decision, the rendering will be different, while keeping a rather impressive visual.

The suspension of a tropical aluminum picture

Contrary to popular belief, canvases with an aluminum backing are very light with only 3mm thickness. This will facilitate its hanging with only two dowels to secure it. In addition, you can personalize your art photo by choosing the format and shape that suit your decorative style and the size of your wall. From the smallest to the largest, square, rectangle or round, the aluminum support allows everything.