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Collector canvas prints : Limited edition from artist

Colorful, modern and unique ... Here are the key words of these collector editions that will sublimate the walls of your living room, bedroom or even your office. With artists with undeniable talent, our collection of limited edition of canvas opens the door to breathtaking design ! Ideal for a quirky interior, these frames are made on a canvas and a wooden frame for better quality. Come discover different worlds and make sure you have an original wall decoration that will not go unnoticed in your apartment or house with Artwall and Co.



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If you are looking for authenticity, the limited edition printed canvas are for you.

This collection brings together printed canvas expressed by our talented artists, graduates of the greatest schools of fine arts, to be collected. Dress your walls with an original and unique creativity that will be unanimous among your guests.

An artistic expression at the heart of your wall decoration

To work with originality, our artists showcase their professionalism through canvas printed in limited series with a maximum of 30 copies. Behind each canvas hides a masterpiece who composes his passion with the modernity of a printed technique.

Let yourself be tempted by this effervescence of colors given by these printed wall art of super heroes, ready to wave from the wall.

Our artists do not forget the great perfume houses in decorative wall art, watches or haute couture which mark the luxury in your interior. Forget the banal posters, your Hollywood stars hoist themselves on printed canvases with a personalized look from each artist. The pop art design is also revealed in a printed canvas of the world of Disney featuring iconic characters from kids to parents.

Original work worthy of a museum

For these wall art printed in limited edition, our artistic direction must be strict in promoting quality. Each artist takes the time necessary to produce his work. Once set up, collector's wall art are meticulously crafted during printing, to remain faithful to the original work.

To do this, our technicians use an HD printer following technological developments. The inks are chemical free and odorless. As for the canvas, it is chosen for its cotton and thick character, in order to prolong its life but also to have a finish rich in brilliant colors.

The canvas is stretched on a solid wood frame. Once hung, our wall art printed in limited series will stand out among your interior decoration. Art enthusiasts will have their own unique style of work.

Styles for all tastes

Whether your room has a minimalist, rustic, modern or contemporary atmosphere, these designer canvases easily match every style of decoration. These printed wall art emanate from a veritable collection of works of art.

An industrial-looking dining room will be given an offbeat touch with a printed wall art of Voldemort. A completely white wall will add a more fun vibe with a Harley Quinn collector's board. Bring nature into the very heart of your decoration by leaning towards Groot, the cute character of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Large canvas in size and in several parts

Energize your living spaces with our limited edition printed wall art. Our workshop offers you a variety of sizes. A large rectangular canvas or divided into several panels will in itself revive a spacious wall. If you prefer a wall art that reveals itself discreetly, choose the small sizes.

The Mickey Mouse canvas in medium size will delight the little ones, once placed in their room. Let your decorative inspirations run free by scrolling through our collection.

Installation and maintenance of your limited edition printed wall art

Our frame are easy to install

You don't have to be an expert handyman to do this. In addition, the hooks are already provided. First, draw the marks in pencil to get an overview. Check with a water level to avoid having a board tilting. Then, fix the hooks and finish with the suspension of the wall decoration.

Note that placing a wall art canvas in direct sunlight or near a heat source quickly tarnishes the print. Regarding maintenance, it is useful to dust off your canvas from time to time. Do this with only a soft, dry cloth or feather duster. If you are accidentally splashed with water, just let it dry. Printed canvas are sensitive to friction. Finally, avoid using cleaning products, as this will damage the printing inks.

An order with delivery tracking

Browse through our limited edition album, place your order right away so you don't miss out on a unique and original work. As soon as your purchase is validated, our team only needs two weeks to give you your collector's board. The bubble wrap is reinforced with cardboard, while at each corner of the canvas there is a corner protector. As here, we are talking about wall art printed in an artist's limited edition, his signature at the bottom of the frame guarantees the authenticity of your canvas.