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Wooden animal trophy

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Wood animal heads trophies : original wood wall art decorations

At the center of the wall decorations, animals have always been a fascinating subject for designers. Artwall and Co offers you here wooden trophies with a totally innovative look and in different colors. Deer, ram, horse ... And many others await you with this surprising collection that will not fail to dress your walls in the most beautiful way!

These wooden animal head trophies are also an opportunity to create your own wall decoration by assembling the different parts and using our instructions. For your interior or as a gift, these wooden decorations will be the perfect design object!

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Furnish your home with wood wall art decoration items from the Artwall and Co collection ! Animal trophies are taking center stage in home decor again at the moment. With the exception that the artists of Artwall and Co have concocted them in a 100% green concept and in a more contemporary version.

Hanging in the middle of your cottage or hanging in your living room, these wooden animal heads are very fashionable. They are made with recycled materials. But be careful, this does not imply that the quality will not be there. So you can be trendy and green.

A modern scandinavian wall decoration with the wooden wall trophy

Animal heads used as trophies and decorative items are a habit that dates back a long time. Our artists at Artwall and Co have dared to take up a crazy challenge by breaking the codes and reinventing this trend. An imposing wood wall art animal head is always in your home, but this time it's in wood decor. If you want to accentuate the sense of originality in your decor, you are served because here you are with the object that will perfectly dress your interior.

The basic message remains the same. Besides their decorative function, these wooden animal heads are exactly the same as real animal heads. These are trophies and hunting loot. Hanging on the wall, they represent a feat, a great feat and strength. So initially it was the deer heads that were used. Over time, this evolved and we also hung heads of other animals. Like those of the rhinoceros, giraffe, lion, bear, buffalo, horse, wolf etc. You can find all of them in the Artwall and Co collection of the previously listed animal head decorative trophies.

You can thus create a natural and wild atmosphere in your home without abusing nature and animals. This decoration is recommended for the following locations: bar, lounge, living room, bathroom or even in the kitchen decor. This is just a tip, but it will be up to you to put it where it feels best to you. You can also hang it in your hallway or put it in your chalet.

Wood: an essential material for wall decoration

Wood remains a must-have for the moment when it comes to decoration. Choosing a wooden animal head trophy as a decorative item is a wise choice because it is a very valuable item. Its design is a very tedious job of putting together several small pieces of wood. It takes a considerable amount of time and requires great attention to detail, incredible know-how and unfailing inspiration in its design.

A wall decoration object that adapts easily

By choosing a wooden animal head trophy from the Artwall and Co collection, it is easier for you to decorate your home. Indeed, its color is similar to that of other wooden furniture which is generally brown too. More and more people are choosing brown even for the floor. So you don't have to be a decorator because the decorative effects of all the furniture fit together more easily. You can also find our wooden trophies with black or white versions like this designer lion head.

A practical and robust wall decoration object

The wood supports heat and cold wonderfully. Especially since, even though the woods used as raw materials are recycled woods, that does not mean that they are not of good quality. We claim that we were very exacting when selecting the woods the trophies were made from. In case there have been accidents and a part has come loose, nothing complicated, just a glue and presto ... voila.

How to showcase your wood wall trophy

One thing is for sure, you are going to hang the trophy on your wall. But how ?

Wooden trophy easy to assembly

Please note that all trophies are delivered flat. However, the assembly is not difficult. The pieces of the trophy easily fit together. You can directly follow the instructions on the instructions for assembly without the use of glue or other tools.

Hook fasteners for your design trophy

Its hanging system is very practical. You can also order fasteners that will not stain your wall during assembly. Of course, these hooks support a weight of up to 5 kilos. They thus manage to maintain your decorative trophy without the slightest concern.