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World Map Wood Decoration

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Wooden world map decoration : Planispheres in wood wall decoration

Wood has always been a fascinating and inspiring material for the interiors of Artwall and Co. As a travel and design enthusiast, our team has redesigned the design of our wall decorations to offer you more original wooden world maps. Natural, relaxing and integrating easily, this collection opens the doors of the world map to decorate your walls with a unique touch ...

All our maps of the world in wood wall decoration are delivered free of charge in Metropolitan France from our workshop in the Var. Each creation is unique because of the woodworking and its design which make these decorations a unique sculpture.


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World maps in wood wall decoration

Everyone has seen a map of the world. But it's quite another to admire the wooden world maps you can order from Artwall and Co.

A world map designed by artists

An important asset in your modern decor. In addition, it is a kind of wood wall decoration that is easy to hang on the wall.

The world seen by artists

It is often said that artists do not see the world as ordinary people. This is true of the wooden world maps at Artwall and Co.

The world the Artwall and Co way

The world isn't always the same depending on who draws it, especially when you're an artist. This is why Artwall and Co offers a whole range of wooden deco world map. Countries can be presented in different ways, depending on the inspiration and the material used.

Wooden world maps on Artwall and Co

Thus, the wooden world map can be made of inspiration and colors. This results in a wall ornament that differs well from the schoolboy genre that we are used to seeing in school. Its contemplation fits well in the contemporary trend of decoration.

The advantages of the wooden world map in the decoration

The world map is a classic, but when the raw material used is wood and the artists at Artwall and Co take care of the design, it's a whole different story.

Wood: a must in modern wall decoration

Wood has always been present in homes, whether modern or old. If previously it was more in the structure (pillars, walls, floor or ceiling), nowadays, it is rather appreciated as a decorative material. It is easy to work with, with a naturally noble look, and above all easy to maintain.

You can find different styles of decorative world map :

Guaranteed rendering !

A wall decoration that can be found in many types of rooms

The wooden world map is a very remarkable decorative asset. Although it's hard to imagine it in the shower, it can be hung in many types of rooms in your apartment. In the children's room to introduce them to geography or in the living room, to inspire the guests.

The kind of decor that you can customize as you go

Plus, the world map is the kind of ornament that's easy to customize. You can use stickers, simple push pins or post its. This is ideal for travelers who make a point of marking places they have been before.

How is your world map wall decoration made ?

Design, production, finishing and then shipping. It sounds easy to list, but in reality the tasks are complex. Artwall and Co has gone through all the stages of manufacturing and shipping well so that you have a trendy and aesthetic world map decoration.

The artists' design of the world map

The world map made by Artwall and Co creates a special atmosphere in the room that welcomes it. First, the wood is carved and worked to form the boundaries between the oceans and the land. Then, it is painted or varnished as a finish, which has the effect of sublimating the texture of the wood.

A wall decoration in several parts

Of course, with the islands and the different continents, the wooden world map decoration is a multi-panel ornament. Moreover, the size of this type of ornament allows adequate infill for large walls. Of course, knowing the perfect location for each room is important.

How to install your wooden world map

A self-respecting wall decoration must be practical to install. Indeed, the final rendering when you admire the ornament must be impeccable, that is to say straight and well fixed. A wall decoration designed to be practical

The wooden world map from Artwall and Co is particularly practical in its installation. For the multi-part wall decor genre, this is ideal. Indeed, each part is provided with its own fixing system. All this remains discreet and easy to set up.

How does your order arrive at Artwall and Co

Your wooden world map is carefully packaged. Bubble wrap wraps everything to protect against bumps and scratches during transport. All this is put in reinforced cardboard which arrives at your home.