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Wallpaper : Collection of wall tapestry with a designer touch

Brand new design wallpaper collection by Artwall and Co. If you want to change your wall decor with tropical patterns, nature, flowers or animals, this range of wallpaper will be the perfect piece. Available in several sizes depending on your wall, these wallpapers are removable to change places if you wish. Their texture and finish give you a high-end quality that will sublimate your room once installed. These series are made by artists to give you the best of design in your wall decoration with Artwall and Co.


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Wallpaper is very practical in modern interior design. It is easy to set up and above all, it gives a specific theme to your presentation. Artwall and Co offers you a collection that allows you to revisit your room in a modern way.

Create a special atmosphere with wallpaper

The drawings are the first assets of the wallpaper. It is a covering that has a decorative purpose that can create a special atmosphere. Artwall and Co reveals very trendy themes at the moment.

The colors in your apartment

The great thing about wallpaper is that the wall can be completely covered. A contribution of color that is not without benefit in an environment that needs life. Like flowers in the garden, this wall decoration enhances the space, but without taking up space.

Redo a wall decor without having to repaint

Putting on new wallpaper is so much more convenient than repainting. Of course, the surface must be prepared, which we will see in the following paragraphs. But there aren't any major jobs that require moving all the furniture in the room.

Return of wallpaper in modern decor

These advantages make wallpaper a wise choice for saving money when you want to change the mood. But we must also consider the aesthetic advantage. Artwall and Co offers you various themes which can inspire children, as well as adults.

Which wallpaper decor suits your environment

Greenery, animals ... the collection is made up of themes that repackage space. It is therefore essential to have a definite choice that suits your personality.

Plants and greenery at Artwall and Co

The wallpaper is a pictorial work in its own right. Like an XXL painting, it invades space and imposes its theme, allowing you to bathe in a unique and inspiring universe. This is why plants and greenery are very popular on this kind of wall decoration. It is as if the room becomes a lush, relaxing garden.

The decor with animals on Artwall and Co

Ideal for the nursery or schools, the wallpaper with animal decor is very popular in this collection. They inspire calm and serenity, like this model with colorful birds, very realistic and very colorful.

The association of colors to delimit spaces

The great thing about wallpaper is that it can mark off a particular space. You don't have to fill the whole room. It is possible to arrange a space and delimit its contours, to make it a working corner, for example. This is very practical for a modern decor that aims to be concrete in the arrangement of the different parts of a room. An example with this 3D effect in the shape of an alabaster garden.

How to hang wallpaper at Artwall and Co

It's not like a classic wall decoration. A nail or a special clip isn't enough to set up your new interior look.

Prepare the surface to be decorated

The installation of the wallpaper must be carefully prepared in order to have an impeccable rendering and a presentation that meets expectations. Indeed, a sheet that peels off is very unsightly. To prevent this from happening, the wall must be properly cleaned. If there is already wallpaper, your best bet is to peel it all off, although some people choose to layer it up immediately.

Paste the Artwall and Co wallpaper correctly

The use of a wallpaper glue is necessary to ensure the correct installation of this wall decoration. While painting sometimes requires professional intervention, wallpaper is much easier to hang. But don't be in a hurry and proceed step by step, using the right equipment.

Note that some of our wallpapers are removable with an adhesive system that you can reuse.

Associate the wallpaper with another type of wall decoration

Wallpaper can be combined perfectly with another type of wall decoration. The important thing is to vary the styles to give a more sophisticated look. For example, on a theme related to animals and colorful, you can choose a black and white board to combine simplicity with colors.