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Nature Metal Poster

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Nature metal poster :  : Beautiful landscapes in wall decoration

Explore unique landscapes, unvisited places with the moon as the only companion or places where nature has taken over ... Here is our collection of wall poster in nature metal! With bright and brilliant colors, these different worlds will allow you to have a unique piece of decoration to create a calm environment, zen and nature ... Directed by our artists, this poster collection will allow you to decorate your interior with contemporary design. Each work is signed by our production manager with authentication hologram.


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Let your body soar smelling the clean air, listening to the silence, touching a world clothed in green. Our nature metal poster album aims to immerse you in a calm and serene atmosphere.

The power of nature on a metal board

Nature Metal Posters take you away from daily grind, traffic jams, skyscrapers and buildings in a fraction of a second. A change of scenery guaranteed, thanks to these decorative wall posters highlighting a mountain touching the sky, a sailboat lost in the middle of the ocean with moonlight as only company or a forest that sets in the light of the stars.

Placed in any room, these metallic posters will bring a reassuring and calming atmosphere with the natural power of mother nature.

A Zen atmosphere eternalized by a sturdy metal poster support

Our designers use metal to enhance the evanescent character of paper posters. Thus, your nature poster will continue to immerse your interior in tranquility for many years to come. Even at 0.5mm thick, the metal poster is flexible but also very durable. To cope with the damage caused by humidity, each poster undergoes a rustproofing treatment. Likewise, the anti-UV treatment protects the printed colors to maintain a vibrant effect.

An easy marriage with all styles of wall decoration

If you have thought about giving your wall decoration a boost with a nature metal poster, you have made a very good choice. Especially since it makes a discreet place in your interior, finally, if you choose a small poster. Ideal for the minimalist and Scandinavian style. A little being who will know how to bring his strong potential.

Large posters of nature will tend to prevail and this is the desired effect. This criterion responds to contemporary or modern design. But the sea, trees, mountains, rivers and streams, these countless wall illustrations will express themselves regardless of the materials that make up the room, its dominant color or the style of furniture.

Installation advice for our metal posters

Unlike paintings, the natural metal poster hangs very easily. Its suspension does not need any tools or drilling. Your metal wall poster will be provided with a small magnetic block that will be to stick to the wall. Small metal posters are easy to hang. For patchwork models, that is, a poster in different plates, you will need to make a prototype to facilitate your location. Use a water level if necessary and mark the angles of each plate. Mark the middle for each location, to ensure stability of the posters. After tracing, place the small magnet squares by peeling off the film. Make sure to remove all air bubbles. Once this is done, finish by placing your posters one by one.

As soon as you finish the installation, you will immediately witness the change the Nature Metal Poster makes in your home.