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Round wall canvas : Design canvases in an original format

Artwall and Co innovates with a collection of round-format canvas ! If you wish to create an original and unique wall decoration, these modern and abstract printed canvas will be an essential part of your interior. Several diameters and inspiring visuals for your living rooms, bedrooms or offices, this collection revisits works of modern art with beautiful colors. You can easily combine multiple round canvas to create a contemporary decorative scheme that will never be forgotten.

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If we have seen square and rectangle printed canvases pass, now our workshop presents round printed wall art. A trendy wall decoration, which will impress your guests with the original side that it will bring to your interior decoration.

Introduce modernity with our round wall art canvas

Designers are constantly in search of quality to enable everyone to dress their interior. The latest innovation: the printed round wall art. If with the other conventional formats, the canvases already manage to refresh the wall, imagine what the round canvases can give off.

Every time, you will bring a touch of modernity to your style. A delicate daring that will stand out among your ornaments. This new print format will wow your guests with its unique design.

Various themes for these printed wall art

Our designers reserve a whole range of themes and styles for this format. The fact that the painting has a completely new form gives free rein to their imaginations. For the abstract round wall art, the play of colors dominates, a collection worthy of an art gallery.

A wide range of canvases is available for the geek style, such as video game characters, superheroes or even manga.

The vintage style has a wide choice, to name only the canvases where collections of cars stand, the photo of historical personalities, but also maps of the world in retro colors.

Personalization possible on the round printed wall art

Our team can also design graphic creations from your inspiration. All you need to do is send your photo, detailing the details. Our workshop will tailor-make during printing.

The characteristics of a round wall art

The print is done on a high quality cotton canvas, stretched over a log frame. These decoration are distinguished by the use of aqueous inks, without chemicals and odor. This allows you to hang them up fearlessly in the children's room. The use of technology in printing also promotes the durability of the color quality on the canvas. This makes the wall decoration resistant to UV rays and humidity. Even in large format, the final rendering remains as faithful as possible to the original photo.

Installation and maintenance

To facilitate installation, each round board ordered is already fitted with a fastening system located on the back of the board. To play on relief, choose round printed canvases of different diameters, which you hang side by side. You can also combine this format with a square or rectangle printed art, for a more than original design.

Your round printed board can energize your wall for years to come, if you place it away from direct sunlight and also away from a heat source. The canvases coming out of our workshops do not need a lot of maintenance. You just have to wipe it with a dry, soft cloth from time to time to get rid of the dust.

As soon as you finish hanging your round printed art, your wall will instantly benefit from its full potential. From the hallway, the living room, to the bedrooms and your office, this new format will become the centerpiece of your decoration.