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Deco Canvas

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Decorative art canvas : Design and original printed canvas for your wall decoration

Artwall and Co offers you a whole collection of decorative and contemporary printed canvas to decorate your walls. With different designs responding to zen, modern and more colorful atmospheres, these decorative wall art will be an exceptional touch according to your desires and your interior. You can also discover decorative printed canvas with several panels to cover a wide wall and make a great wall decoration in your interior.

Creative and timeless, these decorative printed canvases will be a perfect touch of inspiration for your room. Completely free delivery on the entire collection of decorative wall art by Artwall and Co.

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The printed art canvas is considered a great decoration that can have a very palpable impact in your interior. Why ? Certain advantages, a modernized installation, an easy choice to make and above all, a manufacturing which takes precedence over quality. Our different styles of decorative printed art are appreciated for their artistic and modern rendering.

Wall art canvas : Advantages of the decorative wall decoration

A decorative print frame gives a decorative edge on the walls. The theme is enhanced by the quality of the image that can be nuanced with a multitude of colors. It looks quite different from a simple paint applied with a brush.

A high quality image for the decorative canvas

The decorative print art is a kind of wall decoration that is very popular with contemporary decorators. It is a very high quality image on a discreet frame which gives a very modern and trendy rendering.

You can easily find multiple tables with qualitative rendering on each panel like this flower of fire.

More accentuated colors for each frame

With the decorative printed canvas, the colors are clearer and better drawn. Precisions and nuances which are possible only with digital are obtained. This does not prevent the use of black and white, for a return to the basics much appreciated by those who like a more vintage look, sometimes a little kitsch, but always so personalized.

An example with this colorful decorative canvas that will fit perfectly into your interior.

A poignant message for your interior

The decorative printed canvas is not just a picture wall decoration. Written messages are also appearing more and more in the dining room or living room. As a leitmotif or just to start the day off right, there is something for everyone. It is an ornament that encourages us, boosts us, and above all dresses our interior.

You can find, for example, wall motivations like this wall art which will go perfectly in an office decoration or then mandala canvas for a decorative touch full of meaning.

How to install the decorative printed canvas

Fortunately for those who have a DIY phobia, the decorative printed canvas is very easy to install on your wall. This latest generation of wall ornamentation features a fastening system that makes installation a breeze.

Upstream arrangements to properly accommodate the wall decoration

For an aesthetic that meets your expectations, consider arranging the wall that will accommodate the decorative printed canvas. This is especially important when you have a piece of work that impresses. It helps to highlight your message or your chosen image. An empty wall means that the visitor's eye does not have to explore to find the jewel of your interior design.

The fixing system of your decorative printed canvas

The advantage of decorative printed canvas is its ease of blending into the overall decor. In fact, this is possible thanks to a fixing system that makes the painting look like it is plastered on the wall. This hook is as discreet as it is solid. This gives your presentation a modern and neat look.

How to choose your decorative printed wall canvas

What is your kind of inspiration?  Which colors do you like ?

This kind of criterion can help you choose your favorite wall art decoration.

The choice of color and style

On Artwall and Co, it is easier to find your style. The decorative printed wall art is above all a success for the artificial colors obtained by digital printing. This gives endless and inspired possibilities, such as the image of an incandescent light bulb, for example, which can hardly be reproduced with a brush with realism.

The choice of size and format

Square or rectangle in landscape or portrait, you can choose what you like on Artwall and Co. Our advice is to mimic the shape of your wall. If it is with more or less equal sides, choose a square canvas.

Wall art decorative canvas : How are they made

You should know that modern decorative printed canvases are not like the old paintings made during the Renaissance. The technique has evolved and the tools used are much more modern.

A tailor-made framework for modern art deco

Artwall and Co manufactures its printed wall canvas with modern raw materials and of impeccable quality. This is done to provide decorations that are made to last. The frame is part of the image and the hanging system placed at the back allows for a perfect aesthetic rendering on the wall. During packaging, everything is protected by bubble wrap, before being placed in a reinforced cardboard box.

High definition printing for a trendy look

High definition printing makes it look as beautiful as a postcard. But it's even bigger and more inspiring. When it needs to be, the design looks like an artistic brushstroke, but in fact, it's ink digitally layered on the canvas to form a natural-looking wall art.