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Cities Canvas

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City wall art canvas : The biggest cities in modern wall decoration

New York, Paris, London, Sydney are the magical destinations shown on our contemporary pictures in the collection “cities”. Manhattan skyline, monuments as the Eiffel Tower, the statue of Liberty and other buildings taken from an exceptional angle will make you travel in the blink of an eye. Board a taxi in New York, go and visit the most illuminated cities in the world while intensifying your interior decoration with our design pictures


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The city print canvas as a wall decoration

This is a category that is very popular with modern interior designers. The city has always inspired artists and photographers. As a wall ornament, the city print canvas is very inspiring, while creating a special atmosphere.

City print canvas : Advantages of the in your interior wall decoration

The city print canvas has been revised by Artwall and Co to match a modern look and make it easier to put on.

A classic landscape wall art revisited

The landscape has been forged by humans for thousands of years, changing its appearance and layout. It's not just man-made damage, because when you see photos of towns and villages, it can also inspire calm and cohesion. An ideal asset to serve as a modern wall decoration.

An easy to install wall decoration

The advantage with the city print canvas from Artwall and Co is its ease of installation. On the back of the frame is a hanging system which is discreet and solid. A modern way to hang your wall decoration without tinkering for hours.

Our different styles of city prints

Are you more of a beach or asphalt ? Do you like the night or the day ?

Artwall and Co offers you different styles that can create particular atmospheres in your interior decoration. The city is sometimes more beautiful when it is dark. For others, it is on a sunset that the spectacle is most striking. The more urbanized cities are very impressive with the arrangement of light and skyscrapers and passing cars. An ideal subject to make a modern and design wall decoration.

Many cities are present in our wall canvas collection :

  • New York wall art : the most famous city in the world is available here in several design and original collections.
  • London canvas : Big Ben will no longer have any secrets for your interior.
  • Paris canvas print : The city of love offers you unique and captivating decorations but also the
  • Eiffel Tower in a design version.

Our collection includes many other cities and destinations such as Cuba, Machu Picchu, Venice and many others ...

How to install the city wall art canvas from Artwall and Co

A good wall decoration should be easy to install. This is important so as not to have to make unnecessary holes in the walls and achieve an impeccable aesthetic.

The city wall art decoration and the environment that welcomes it

The best for a wall decoration of this magnitude is a completely empty wall. Indeed, the printed city canvas appreciates open spaces. It is a wall decoration based on the contemplation of details, so it must be highlighted by allowing the observer to have only one subject to look at.

The triptych and multi-panel wall canvas

In vogue and very trendy in modern wall decoration, the triptych and multiple panel works are meeting a little more success. Indeed, this modern design is an additional artistic touch to accentuate the spectacular effect of the already very inspiring work.

How to choose your city print canvas

You hesitate to choose the city that suits you ?

Follow your instincts and ask yourself a few questions to help you choose the right city print frame for you.

Which city print canvas for your interior

To meet your expectations in terms of decoration, choose a city that inspires you. Do you like beaches ? Go to Miami and its coconut palms. Do you prefer urban beauty ? Instead, bet for a trip to Manhattan or New York.

Various colors and inspirations

You can play with the colors. This is the role of a city print canvas : to add personality with the different shades. High definition printing makes it possible to show landscapes that are larger than life. A lot of possibilities that you can use to give personality to your wall decoration.

How are city prints made

Artwall and Co makes a point of honor to the quality of your wall decoration. The printed city decoration canvas follows precise specifications in the production and design.

A city print canvas made in a modern way

A city print canvas is the kind of contemporary wall decor that one would hardly have imagined a few years ago. The trend has evolved and the art has perfected for a result that has nothing to envy to a painting made by hand. High definition photography and printing on metal or canvas results in an image that is as inspiring as it is worthy of respect.

Processing your order on Artwall and Co

Each order is treated as a priority at Artwall and Co. Wrapping is one of the most delicate tasks, because it is the stage where the city printed board needs to be protected on its journey that will bring it to your home. The panels are therefore individually wrapped in bubble wrap before being stored in a reinforced cardboard which takes care of the edges.