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Painting by Number

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Paint by number to paint : DIY paintings to paint yourself

Paintings by number allow you to create real paintings for your wall decoration while occupying your free time. Pop art, world map, design or even modern, these paintings to paint yourself will make you real contemporary artists. Ideal as a gift or for any DIY adepts, these paintings by number will be the perfect decoration for people wanting to decorate their interior while keeping a personalized look. Each painting by number is delivered with its brush and paint kit.


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Paintings by number : the wall decoration to paint yourself

If you are a fan of DIY (Do It Yourself) decorations, the painting by number decoration on Artwall and Co are definitely for you. This gives you an activity to do and you can create your own interior wall ornament, according to your preference.

Painting by number frames : The best features

Make your painting yourself ?

This is a real asset for customizing your wall decoration at ease.

The buyer's participation is in the spotlight

Decorating is now a personal matter. Allowing individuals to make their own decorations is a challenge for Artwall and Co. This is what has been achieved with this collection of paintings by number decoration.

An ally for a unique decoration in your interior

Having an original and unique decoration is essential for the personalization of the interior. As you do yourself, it is possible to follow his inspirations and tastes to conceive his own vision of art. In this way, your wall decor characterizes you and looks like you.

The paint by number board on Artwall and Co

The principle is simple:

You receive a basic board that has a discreet, but clearly visible, tracing. In addition, you also have the art paint and brush kit that will allow you to put the colors on the canvas.

When your work is finished, you have to hang it proudly on the wall.

Our different styles of paint by number paintings on Artwall and Co

Let's take a look at the few styles of paint by number wall decoration that you can order on Artwall and Co. We will see the different possibilities for decorating your interior.

What all paintings by number have in common

First, you'll have to paint your own without too much difficulty. But depending on the artwork you choose, the amount of time spent filling and the number of colors may vary.

The themes treated by the artists of Artwall and Co

Paintings by number can offer a wide variety of themes. It could range from video games to abstract art, animals or even the world map. Abstract art and pop culture are also present.

The little thing that makes the difference at Artwall and Co

But we don't just do coloring for adults with Artwall and Co. The best part is that you do it on a very high quality frame. The hanging system turns your artwork into a real wall decoration that you have made yourself.

How to install the paint by number chart

It's good to do it yourself, but to complete the work and showcase it, you have to hang it up ! The fixation also holds a very important place in the presentation. Artwall and Co makes it much easier for you with these few tips.

Installation, a delicate subject for non-handymen

When you're an artist, you're not necessarily a handyman. Everyone has their own specialty, so there are those who wield brushes better than hammers. So when the work is finished, it is sometimes difficult to hang it up. It is the finalization of the creation process and which highlights your work.

The ambition to facilitate the installation of your wall decoration

But that's no problem with the paint by number wall art from Artwall and Co. To reach your favorite place, on the wall, installation is facilitated by a kit. This avoids damaging the walls and eliminating the need to use tools for fixing.

The layout of the place to be decorated

A good paint by number frame can work wonders as an aesthetic effect on the wall. But you have to arrange the wall well so that it matches the decoration you have made yourself. A wall without growth and which is smooth is ideal, with a solid color. A lick of paint may be necessary, before hanging your canvas by number.

How to choose the best paint by number board

The area to be adorned with the painting must be chosen beforehand to determine the type of style that is appropriate. But above all, the theme must match your taste.

A choice that is a matter of taste

The fact of personalizing your interior decoration is very tempting. But with some works, you also have to spend time. So have patience, and a certain helping hand. A paint by number frame is ideal as a gift for anyone looking for activities to do while decorating their apartment or home.