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Collector oil painting wall art canvas : Contemporary artist painting frame

Discover our collection of paintings in special edition Artwall and Co ! Original and contemporary designs entirely brushed and painted by our artists with undeniable talent. For fans of unique works, these collector's paintings will allow you to bring an artistic touch in your wall decoration.


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Collector's edition of our Artwall and Co paintings

Man has always wanted to decorate his living area in an artistic way. It all started while we were still living in caves. Contemporary artists draw their inspiration from the surrounding nature and from the culture linked to its origins. Artwall and Co offers you wall paintings which are the examples of this modern art which we use to decorate our walls in a personalized and unique way.

Contemporary decorative complexity

The special bond that unites us with our interior design is so powerful that we send it home. From now on, the ornaments which one met on the walls must have well defined characteristics.

The need to dazzle visitors

In modern decor, you must have a look that stands out from the rest. Your interior is a unique place that belongs only to you. The color and texture ratio is essential to ensure an appearance that dresses the eyes of your visitors.

Surprise the observer with the unusual

Now we can play with shapes and colors to give a subject a completely different appearance. The collector painting frame is capable of creating a surprise. The observer knows the subject, but does not expect this artistic vision at all.

The Collector decorative painting on Artwall and Co

Order your Collector decorative painting on Artwall and Co for an aesthetic rendering intended for modern interior decoration. First, it should be noted that it is a very unique work, because it is handmade. A wall painting executed in the old style, but which sports a totally trendy and modern look!

The different types of Collector painting

Artists can express themselves differently from one work to another. But certain subjects can emerge from themselves, in the treatment and the style used. Choose between the different types of Collector paintings on Artwall and Co.

The painting with animals

Wall decoration with animals has never gone out of fashion. The similarity between the painting done in the cave thousands of years ago with the Collector painting with animals resides in the subject. For colors and shapes, this is another subject. You can find a gorilla or a chimpanzee painting made by hand.

World map Collector painting

Collector world map is not very common. Most of the time, the world maps on the market look the same. But if you want to have your own world, made by artists with undeniable talent, you can have a look at Artwall and Co.

The Pop Art Collector painting

Since Pop Art was born in the 50s and 60s, wall decoration has entered a new era. That of the imagination. Order your Collector painting with bright colors that have a natural appeal designed to liven up your interior. A magnificent example with this captivating look painting of Lion.

The calligraphy collection painting

Calligraphy is an art in its own right. Indeed, even if almost everyone can write in modern times, there is one who trace letters in an artistic way. The Collector painting with the calligraphic theme is perfectly suited for a contemporary wall decor.

The advantage of the Collector painting

The Collector painting on Artwall and Co is not a simple wall decoration like the others. The style varies according to the artists, but especially this category has concrete advantages compared to other types of wall ornament.

A Collector painting is handmade

If you want a personalized and unique wall decoration, this is what you should choose. Indeed, this collection is entirely handmade. You thus have a unique work and a totally human, artistic layout.

A very modern and trendy wall decoration

Handmade has become very popular with modern decorators. It is ideal for the presentation aspect, but above all it is a trend that is becoming more and more popular in our interiors. You have something you won't find elsewhere.

How to fix your art painting

The Collector painting table shapes the atmosphere you have in your interior. It is therefore necessary that its fixing is perfectly aesthetic to have an optimal rendering.

The Collector painting frame fixing kit

The Collector painting table is supplied with a fixing kit which allows it to be hung without any difficulty. It is a system that was designed by Artwall and Co to ensure an adequate aesthetic for contemporary interior decor.

Order your Collector painting on Artwall and Co

Your Collector painting ordered on Artwall and Co arrives at your home in secure packaging. The cardboard is padded with bubble wrap to protect your collector painting canvas. All you have to do is hang it on your well-cleared wall.

Lovers of art and originality, this painting collection is made for you!