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World map metal decoration

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Metal world map decoration : The planisphere in metallic wall art

All of our metallic art map, world map and planisphere wall decorations are available here in designer, modern and contemporary versions. Every detail is inspired by nature and the imagination of our designers to bring you the best in wall decoration. These sculptures are made with a black finish for premium quality and maximized life.

How to choose the right metal decoration world map ? It basically depends on your wall and the mood you want to create. For modern and industrial styles, the origami design versions will be the perfect decorative item. For more trendy and contemporary interiors, special editions revisit these cards for an original appearance. XL models are also available for large white walls.

You can easily showcase these metal world map decorations with photo frames or with a little greenery like plants or green walls. Each decoration includes a clip to hang it on your walls with ease.

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The world map on the wall as a wall decoration is a classic, but they are often made of cardboard or paper. This is why the metallic world map is so much more stylish and contemporary when it comes to adorning the wall. But it's not just the raw material ! Because the most important is the artistic side of it.

Metallic world maps from the Artwall and Co's collection

Artwall and Co has made it a real specialty. That is, a full-fledged collection of different representations of the globe.

The metallic world map: a unique collection

The world map has always inspired travelers. We often see the cardboard version in schools, with an academic and educational purpose in the presentation. In the metallic version, it's more about decoration. A wall ornament decoration in all its splendor, both artistic and representative.

Select your metallic world map according to your tastes on Artwall and Co

Do you like polygons or curves ? Regardless, Artwall and Co are fond of all shapes. The goal is to provide a modern visual imprint in the layout of your apartment or house. If you are more artistic in your soul, choose a model that you can optimize with other types of wall decoration.

A vision of the artistic and very decorative world

The different styles of metallic world maps can be quirky or faithful. The creators each have their own vision of the world.

An artistic representation of our world

There was a time when the world was taken for granted. Now we know it is round, but modern representation can give it a whole other shape. Artistically worked by our decorators, the world map becomes a wall art ornament that deserves a detour.

Interior decoration with metallic world map

The decor with the metallic world map may vary from artist to artist. While some use the lines, others can play with the volumes. Poignant realism or sought-after minimalism, this type of decoration is very varied in form and presentation. Here are some examples of our inspirations:

The advantages of the metallic world map in the wall decoration

Are you inclined to travel ? Do you dream of discovering the world ?

The globe is a great source of inspiration for most of us. But above all, it has decorative assets that can be exploited.

The metallic world map can be combined with other types of decoration

As a wall decoration, the metal art world map is very practical to combine with other types of decoration. Pictures, frames or tables ... anything can match the map of the world.

A decoration that can be put in many rooms of the house

The planisphere is not an exclusive theme for the classroom. It is a decorative element in its own right that has an important place in our apartment or house when it is made of metal. In a student's bedroom or in the living room, it is a real wall ornament that has its own personality and beauty.

The kind of decor that can change over time

The world is changing, but so can the map ! As we have mentioned, the world map wall art can be associated with other types of decoration. But the best part is that you can integrate details that are consistent with your planisphere. A city you've already visited? You can mark it on the metallic world map !

How to install your wall world map from Artwall and Co

Installing a wall decoration is always tricky. However, this is not the case with a metallic world map from Artwall and Co.

A wall decoration that we can hang ourselves

The greatest asset of a wall decoration is undoubtedly the way it is hung. This is the case with the metal world map which comes with a fitting kit that greatly facilitates its attachment. No need to rack your brains to set it up. Just choose the perfect location and use the hanging system that is provided by Artwall and Co.

A metal art world map

Your metallic world map arrives in a cardboard packaging specially designed to preserve your wall decoration. The metal rods or plates are protected by padding made of bubble wrap. This guarantees you a perfect aesthetic on delivery. All you have to do is unpack your ornament, then attach it to the spot you have cleared before.