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Animal Metal Decoration

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Animal metal art : Wall decoration of design animals

Artwall and Co has always been inspired by nature and animals to create these new wall decor collections. Here metal, elegant and modern by its rendering, finds its place perfectly in our decorations and even more when it comes to animals. In geometric or even more natural versions, you will find here our most beautiful animal trophies in metal for an original and totally unique decoration!

From deer trophies to lions, wolves, eagles and cats ... These metallic wall art decoration depict the most beautiful living creatures on the planet as trendy sculptures.

If you want to decorate your walls with a design and nature touch at once, this collection of metal animal trophies will be perfect! Dare to combine several decorations for an amplified effect on your walls.


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Metal art animal decoration at Artwall and Co

You can do so many things with metal, even an animal. This is why Artwall and Co offers you a whole range of metal animal decoration. Their strength lies in the solidity, the design, but also this undoubtedly contemporary look. Artistic, it is used to replace the trophies of yesteryear. But setting them up is much easier. Manufactured and packaged following very precise protocols, it is above all a wall decoration that is also symbolic.

The advantages of metal art in contemporary wall decoration

The metal animal decoration has a certain aesthetic particularity. But it should also be noted that it is a raw material of choice when it comes to wall ornamentation.

A solid wall decoration

Metal has a very high quality in all the objects that we make with it. Its solidity is its main strength, in addition to its maneuverability which can make us discover many forms. Easy to maintain and clean, the animal metal decoration is as pretty as it is sturdy.

A design wall decoration

The plasticity of the raw material is highly appreciated by designers and interior decorators. New technologies, such as ionization painting, allow a very designer, trendy and extremely aesthetic rendering in the presentation of these metal wall art sculptures.

A contemporary wall decoration

Today, metal is making a strong comeback in interior design. As a wall ornament, Artwall and Co has thought of those who love the theme of animals. The contemporary aspect emerges in the general appearance. Almost minimalist, but with enough detail to clarify the subject.

Metal animal wall decoration at Artwall and Co

The wall decoration can be declined in different styles. Plastic surgeons and artists can model the material to conform to their imagination.

The artistic metal wall decoration

The metallic animal wall decoration is not just any sculpture at Artwall and Co. The style is decidedly modern, giving personality to each beast that is depicted. An artistic wall ornament that catches the eye as soon as you enter the room.

It is not uncommon to find an origami metal panda, a flamingo or even an elephant's head.

The animal wall decoration in several pieces

Like the triptych or the multi-panel painting, the animal metal wall decoration can also have several pieces that form a whole. This is the kind of ornament that is ideal for occupying space with aesthetic continuity in presentation.

Example with this magnificent design metal bird flight in several parts.

Metal animal decoration as a wall trophy

In times past, animals were well used as wall decoration. Their heads adorned the living room of hunters and taxidermy enthusiasts. But now it's a new era in contemporary decor. The love of animals has taken on a new dimension, the stuffing has given way to the beauty of metal.

You can find deer trophies like wolves in the original style !

How to set up your metal animal decorations

The advantage of metal animal art decoration at Artwall and Co is that it is easy to install. You still have to arrange the place you want to decorate and hang your ornament with ease.

What an ideal piece to hang your metal animal decoration

The ideal place to hang the metal animal decoration is a reception room. Guests and observers can immediately pinpoint the subject from the start. For real fans, a presence in the bedroom is not to be eliminated, or even in the dining room and the kitchen.

How to arrange the place to accommodate the metal animal decoration

To properly accommodate the metal animal decoration, a wall must be clear. This is essential to properly showcase the artist's work. The decorative device can also be sublimated by a ray of light which is directed towards it, natural or artificial.

Hang up your metal animal decoration with ease

The advantage of a wall decoration from Artwall and Co is the ease of attachment. Indeed, each ornament is designed with a hanging system that makes it easy to put on. This makes it possible to not have to make holes in the wall and install your metal wall art very easily.

Processing your order at Artwall and Co

You are probably wondering how and where the metal animal decorations that you can order on the site are made.

Manufacture of your metal animal decoration

Each ornament of Artwall and Co is designed by designers and artists with inexhaustible talent. As we have unique and personalized pieces, this means that each model must be made by hand.