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Modern metal wall decoration

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Modern metal wall decoration : Sculptures and design for your interior

Modern and contemporary style invades our interiors and homes ! This collection of wall decoration is mainly used with metal and allows you to have original and totally unique pieces. This look that draws its imagination and ideas from nature and the floral style allows you to create an interior with relief while keeping the metallic aspect of each decoration.

If you want to differentiate yourself from traditional paintings, this collection of modern metal wall decoration is made for you! Perfect for a loft or to redo your apartment and house, let yourself be guided by these metal works and sculptures.


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Change of season, change of decor ! We offer our modern metal wall decoration to dress your rooms with small touches. Decorations that will not leave anyone indifferent, due to their aesthetics, their quality but also their originality. If you want a modern metal wall decoration, follow the guide !

Metallic wall decorations suitable for any kind of decorative style

Whatever your decorating style, our modern metal wall decorations suit all tastes. For good reason, our team is working at all times to forge the best of metals to manufacture you the must of designer wall decorations.

The metal goes elegantly with contemporary, traditional or even vintage decorations. Explore our photo gallery without moderation and choose what suits you with this metal art decoration for interior.

A lush choice of modern metal wall decorations

Our modern metal wall decorations easily find buyers, this is due to the shaping of the metal and the originality of the works. These are available in different models.

Flower collection

You can find decorations inspired by nature with square or rectangular formats with modern flowers. For example, a sculpture of branches with their flowers will allow you to have an elegant touch in your interior design while keeping the sobriety of the black metallic decorations. You can also find different colors in this collection to have an original all-metal work of art.

Collection of round metallic decorations

Round metallic decorations are and remain the best decoration. Detailed in several openwork pieces or with more modern shapes, they give back the pep you need at all times. This decoration is made in contemporary and trendy forms, in keeping with the times. To install in your bedroom, in the living room or in the kitchen.

Decorative metal sculptures

Tired of classic wall decorations ? You will be dazzled by the large number of metal sculptures that our workshop contains. Planispheres, animals or even a quote will allow you to highlight a large white wall in your room. Our designers have given these decorations a modern touch while others have a geometric shape that invites imagination and dreams.

Easy-to-maintain and timeless decor

Metal, whether raw or worked, has a lot of advantages. Among other things, it is easy to maintain. Dust it off from time to time so it doesn't shine. For more effectiveness, use a cloth that has been moistened with a liquid made up of hot water, detergent, and soda crystals. Arm yourself with this mixture to clean your decoration. Solid and rigid, our metal wall decorations go through the years without difficulty. Our craftsmen-decorators have chosen a strong and resistant metal for optimal quality.

An easy-to-hang decoration

Once you have made your choice, click and the item will be delivered to you in no time. There remains, however, the issue of hanging. Don't panic, our modern metal wall decorations have been designed to be easily hung. In addition, a hanging system accompanies each object on delivery. Find the perfect location and secure your new acquisition on its new support and voila!