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Design Metal Decoration

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Design metal decoration : Wall art metallic sculptures for design interior

With a unique artwork, Artwall and Co offers here design wall deco made entirely of metal by our artists. Each sculpture is a modern and contemporary illustration directly reproduced in metal and which allows you to decorate your walls with an original and up-to-date collection.

You can find tribal inspirations, vitruvian models or quotes that will proudly stand in your living room or kitchen. There is something for all tastes and you will inevitably find an idea of decoration among our different representations.

Xxl formats are also available for lovers of large pieces of art. Feel free to combine several metal deco to create a real surprise effect in your room.


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Design metal decoration design on Artwall and Co

We see the look of a room with a different eye when its interior design brings enough personality to the presentation. Design metal decoration always has that effect. The inspiration of the artists always takes you further in the imagination, transforming an ordinary place into a place which has its own atmosphere.

Writing or drawing, in black or in color, Artwall and Co presents several styles that can shape your interior in an elegant way. How to choose them ? where should they be placed? How to hang them ? The next paragraphs will answer these answers !

The advantages of designer wall art metal decoration

Metal wall art decoration has important advantages, which has propelled it among the materials preferred by contemporary designers as wall covering.

Design metal decoration in modern interior

The modern interior likes metal. This one is so malleable that you can give it all shapes and sizes. The only limit is the imagination of the artists, in other words there is none.

The aesthetics of metal design deco

A question of aesthetics, the designer metal decoration ensures a throwing look. The appearance when painted indicates a modernity that is rarely found in other materials. And in addition, it is solid! Maintaining it is easy, which is a real benefit for cleaning.

How to install designer metal decoration

The purpose of a wall decoration is to serve as an ornament. This task requires the object to be well fixed, and also to be highlighted in a suitable place.

An easy to hang decoration accessory

Artwall and Co ensures ease of attachment to your metal wall art decoration. The modernity of this hook means that the ornament seems to float on the wall, it is so discreet. The installation does not require making a hole in your house !

Arrange the place to put the design metal decoration

The first thing to do before hanging a designer metal wall decor is to thoroughly clean the area around the surface. The dark stain of a water leak or cobwebs can undermine the perfect aesthetic of your decorative accessory. So do not hesitate to bring a brush to rectify faults if necessary.

How our designer metal decorations are made

Artwall and Co brings together the best contemporary artists to create decorations that can improve the interior presentation of your home. But the manufacturing process does not stop there !

Metal art decorations by artists

The designer metal deco are part of a collection entirely selected in the south of France. This gives a high-end finish and particularly suitable for a modern day look in your apartment.

Shipping your order

Before being shipped, your order is first wrapped in bubble wrap to prevent scratches and deformation. Then, this set is put in reinforced cardboard.

The different styles of metal design decoration on Artwall and Co

Artwall and Co multiplies the possibilities of decoration, to match specific tastes. An exciting interior is always with well chosen and well placed ornaments.

Classic wall decorations, revisited

The design metal decorations of classics are among the bestsellers in this collection. you can find Vitruvian styles in metallic design format or modern skulls.

Design wall decorations in the form of writing

Metal is ideal for writing and citing. Artwall and Co offers several themes, with inspiring phrases or an unusual message placed in the right place. Often, this is the kind of decoration that is in several parts, with each word that stands out. But it can sometimes be a kind of frame with a heap of words from the same lexical field, like the coffee wall decoration.

Design metal decorations that give images

There are also metal decorations that form an image. Metal draws lines, whether it be a mythological character or an element of nature (tree, leaf, etc.).

How to choose your design metal decoration

Artwall and Co allows you to choose between different sizes and different color possibilities. Of course, there are models made for the kitchen, others for the living room or bedroom…

The room that will accommodate your designer metal decoration

Given the plurality of themes and their look, it is clear that each design metal decoration is suitable for a particular type of room. For example, the messages are very self-explanatory, like "This kitchen is for dancing" that we guess for cooking.

The size of your wall for design metal decoration

Choose the size of your wall decoration according to the dimensions of your wall. The error is to make a filling too heavy on the presentation. You have to leave enough space and have an airy aesthetic.