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Animals Canvas

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Animal canvas print : Wall decoration canvases in animal style

What could be more exhilarating than choosing a modern canvas print from our “Animals” range to bring your interior decoration to life. Each animal is a perfect creation from mother nature which is here revisited by our designers and shaped on a contemporary wall art. Animal lovers and defenders will find their happiness in this category of canvas printed with lions, tigers, foxes and many others !

For an even more designer style, our artists offer these animal canvas prints in unique versions that will inevitably be the centerpiece of your wall decoration. High definition printing allows you to have minute detail and will allow you to set up animal and wild inspiration. Free delivery on all wall art in this category.


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Animal canvas wall art on Artwall and Co

Trophy, taxidermy or even pets, animals have always been part of our interior. In modernity, we also have animal print canvas. They are representative of an untamed and wild environment, but also of natural beauty and vivid colors.

Animal wall art : An ideal theme to serve as an interior wall decoration !

The advantages of the animal print canvas as a wall decoration

Animal canvas print showcase the beauty of nature. Awareness of environmental protection has made man want to preserve this fascinating source of inspiration.

A high quality and very solid wall canvas

The animal print decoration are of the highest quality at Artwall and Co. The manufacturing process is highly efficient, resulting in solid decorative elements that are easy to maintain. Indeed, they can be washed, wiped and hung up without difficulty.

An ideal theme for modernv wall decor

Animal prints are a favorite with interior designers. The theme can be adapted to various places in our home, whether in the living room or the children's room. As long as you love animals, that's great.

How to set up your animal canvas print for interior

An exceptional wall decoration must be installed with perfection to be highlighted. The success of Artwall and Co is given not only by the beauty of the works, but also by the ease of installation.

Easy and modern hanging

You can find a lot of style of animal wall canvas on Internet. But so easy to install, it's only available on Artwall and Co. The fixing system has been designed so that you do not need to drill the wall with our 3M fasteners. No nails or hammers are needed to set up your animal print board. This very practical device is also very discreet, located on the back of your wall decoration.

A place to arrange and prepare

You need a minimum of planning to set up this kind of decorative canvas print, even if it is easy to install. Indeed, it is necessary to highlight this work of choice. To do this, all you have to do is clear the surface and clean it thoroughly. A lick of paint may be necessary, but it doesn't have to be. The main thing is that you have a clear view of the animal print canvas.

How the animal print paintings are made on Artwall and Co

Artwall and Co took the initiative to make their own wall decorations, instead of ordering them halfway around the world. This results in printed canvas which are less expensive and responsible.

Quality printed animal paintings

The secret of quality at Artwall and Co is the quality of materials and supports. This allows for a high definition print on any surface of your choice. Your wall decoration is indeed made from an aluminum or plexiglass plate or cotton canvas for these animal paintings.

Preparation and dispatch of your order

Your order at Artwall and Co is prepared with care. There is no way your order will suffer any damage along the way. For this, the animal print canvas is wrapped in bubble wrap, which is intended to protect the surface. Then, it is put in a box with a reinforced edge that takes care of it until it arrives at your home.

The different animal print paintings on Artwall and Co

As there are many species in the world, there are also many types of animal print decoration. Natural diversity for the benefit of artificial decoration.

African wild animals

Lions, elephants or zebras. These animals have always fascinated us in books and documentaries on the subject. In fact, in the past these were hunting trophies that adorned the living room of explorers and hunters who went especially to Africa to bring them back. They arrive in your interior decoration thanks to printed canvas, without needing to kill them.

Animals that are part of our daily life

There are wild animals, like the tiger, the giraffe or the panther. But there are people who prefer cuter animals, closer to them. Cats or dogs, these friends of man are also very popular as wall decoration. You have a lot of choice on Artwall and Co.

Animals with colorful beauty

To add color and aesthetics, nothing better than butterflies or birds. The peacock, for example, with its fan-shaped tail, is a very stylish wall decoration. Animal print paintings from Artwall and Co can please everyone.

How to choose your animal print canvas

Animal print decoration, there is something for everyone. Do they match all the rooms in the house ?

Which room can be decorated with the animal print decoration

The living room is the centerpiece of the house. We tend to place animal prints there. But we can easily choose to place them in children's bedrooms, to teach them to love nature and to identify the different actors of biodiversity.

Where is the best place to put the animal print board

We always place a decoration printed with animals in height. To highlight it, it is better to choose a well-lit environment. If the daylight does not reach the wall, you can direct artificial light towards it to bring out the beauty of the show.