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Wood Design Decoration

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Wood design decoration : Original wood sculptures for wall decoration

Materials and surfaces have revolutionized the interior decoration but wood will always remain in the trend for designers. At Artwall and Co, these objects take an important place in our collections and are easy to install in design lounges or modern rooms.

Drawing their inspiration from nature, these design wall decorations come to decline animals, ancient decorations or landscapes, revisited by our artists. Each piece is made by hand and will guarantee quality in your interior.

From Scandinavian style to chic boho touches, these wooden decorations take you on a journey through many different worlds with an original touch.

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Design wooden wall decorations on Artwall and Co

Artwall and Co, specialist in wall decoration, offers a collection of design wooden decoration. This raw material is one of the essentials in the home. Whether the theme is vintage or contemporary, wood can be anywhere. On the floor to the ceiling, and through the walls as well. However, here we are more in the ornament instead of being in the structure of the dwelling. But its role is to bring personality and a warm side to the presentation.

Design wooden wall decoration: Its strengths

Obviously, a material that has been used since the dawn of humanity has major advantages. And it's not just in construction!

Design wood decoration and contemporary interiors

Of course, woodworking has changed over the generations. It has become easy to handle, which gives a look that is both unique, but also very aesthetic. Material still holds an essential place in today's wall decoration.

The warm aspect of wood as a wall decoration

The color of the wood and its texture give it a warm appearance. It should be noted that this organic matter has personality in each piece. You therefore have a unique wood wall decoration with each order and made by passionate artists.

Wood decoration: Solidity, aesthetics, ergonomics

No other raw material has as much quality as wood, which is lively and welcoming. It's not like plastic and metal, but it's almost as strong!

Artwall and Co: The different styles of wood wall decoration

We can have different styles of designer wood wall decoration. Each has its own personality and symbolism.

Wooden decoration animal design

Design wooden decoration in the form of animals is very popular with decorators and designers. The material has everything to please, and when we deal more with subjects that are close to our hearts like animals, it's even better. You can find wooden trophies, geometric versions or even decorations to assemble yourself.

The design wooden decoration catches a dream

The themes can vary as much as possible when it comes to wood. Anyway, with this material, anything is possible! A dream catcher for example. We salute the artists of Artwall and Co who draw inspiration from all cultures to serve us works as magnificent as each other.

Nature wood wall decoration

The artistic vision is always different from a simple reproduction. Artwall and Co makes efforts to showcase the inspiration of artists who showcase their natural works with personality and originality. an example with

The wooden world map wall decoration

A wooden map of the world is quite different from the traditional paper version that we have seen too much in school. Today, Artwall and Co offers several models which may vary in size and presentation.

A style of wall decoration apart

The world map is a really special style, especially when it comes to the wooden version. It is a style that differs slightly from the tool used in geography lessons, as the decorative purpose requires a certain personality.

The world as seen by the artists of Artwall and Co

We can make the world map the center of your wall decoration. Other types of decor can complement this centerpiece of your interior design.

Choose the place to highlight your designer wooden decoration

Your designer wood decor at Artwall and Co no longer needs treatment to serve as an ornament. However, the setting and space must follow presentation standards to be worthy of the collection.

The piece that will host your designer wooden decor

The room that loves designer wood decoration the most is undoubtedly the living room. Of course, you can very well go into the kitchen or the dining room and see some thematic exceptions that are perfect for any environment.

Treatment of the wall to highlight your design wooden decoration

The wall should be clear and with a solid color. This is important for emphasizing the lines and offering a presentation worthy of modern design.

Brightness management to see your designer wooden decor

We often direct a light in the direction of the design wooden decoration. This accentuates the beauty of the wood and sublimates its characteristics.

A simple and discreet fixing for your design wooden decoration

The finalization of each decoration project only materializes when you have hung your decoration.

Arrival of your designer wooden decoration at home

Your order arrives at your home in a box. To ensure that everything is in perfect condition, the work is always wrapped in bubble wrap and protected as much as possible by our workshop.

How to hang your design wooden wall decoration

Artwall and Co also offers you the hanging of your designer wood wall decoration thanks to a system that can do without nails. In addition, it is solid and very discreet.