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Pop Art Canvas

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Pop-art wall canvas : Ultra colorful pop art wall decoration for interior

The expression "pop art" of the English "popular art" and of the French "popular art" identifies perfectly with the range of multicolored and pop art canvas presented here. This collection imagined by our designers comes in a colorful way with bright and quirky tones with the aim of contemplating each pop art printed canvas. Our pop art wall canvas in this unrealistic category will undoubtedly fit into your wall decoration.


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Pop art prints : the perfect wall decoration for interior

Pop art revolutionized wall decoration in the second half of the last century. There has been talk of a revolution in contemporary art. Respect for classic codes in the design that hangs on the walls is no longer relevant. A skilful mix of improbable colors can be found on the paintings printed with high definition.

The particularity of the pop art printed in your wall decoration

Of course, the pop art printed has been transformed into a contemporary decorative element by the designers. The reason, because of its particularity in getting rid of preconceptions, to bring the unusual and especially for the colors.

Pop art in modern design interior

Pop art is not the kind of ornament that should remain in museums. In fact, its destination is rather decorative, in homes and frequented places. Made to grab attention, trailblazers like Andy Warhol turned everyday objects into particularly inspiring subjects.

Pop art prints at Artwall and Co

The store offers you pop art prints that can surprise your apartment. The integration of vivid colors and the simplicity of the designs contrast with classical art, almost predictable and unchanging.

Add color to your wall decoration apartment

It is this explosion of colors that makes pop art a discipline in its own right. The same subject can be repeated several times in the same work. The inspirations are numerous, such as symbolism and expressionism.

What type of pop art print for what type of room?

The pop art print canvas plays an essential role when it is hung in a room. The colors, often present in quantity, with very modern and particularly known subjects, taken up and repeated.

The pop art print canvas for children's and teenagers' bedrooms

Pop art design is always a pleasing surprise to the eye. Even without knowing anything about instigators like Picasso and Monnet, it is the kind of work that is always easy to grasp, even if the subjects are sometimes painted in an enigmatic way. This is perfect for a bedroom for young children who love colors.

Choosing a pop art print canvas for the living room

It doesn't take much for a room. But in the living room, the pop art print wall art must be large enough to be noticed from a distance. It could be a famous character, colorful lips, or even an exclusive Iron Man design.

The pop art print canvas to stand out from the norm

Pop art is a direct move towards the improbable. It is never a realistic image, rather an artistic vision of life or of an object that is sublimated by the imagination and inspiration of the artist. If you want an interior that stands out, an Artwall and Co printed canvas is perfect for you, in the “pop art” section.

How to install your pop art print on the wall

This is always the question we ask ourselves when we want to get a wall decoration. Lucky for you, Artwall and Co has thought of everything to make your life easier.

Pop art wall prints at Artwall and Co : easy to install

To limit the constraints associated with modern interior decoration, we have rethought the way of attaching the printed canvas to the wall. An alternative to the nail and the hammer ? Yes it is possible on Artwall and Co. Just order your pop art wall decoration and you will receive the installation kit directly on the back of the artwork!

Properly prepare the surface to hang your wall decoration

Space management is essential in modern decor. Contemporary minimalism does not require overloading with many elements. It’s about choosing the right one. So a pop art print canvas is sufficient to dress up a wall. The requirement is that it be clean and well painted, to let your work "breathe".

Order your pop art print on Artwall and Co

Specialist in wall decoration, Artwall and Co allows you to choose between various types of wall decoration. Pop Art art prints has profoundly changed our interior with color and daring. Order your printed canvas from many choices.

Artwall and Co: a website specializing in wall decoration

We offer you decorations printed with high definition technology. This initiative allows for well-drawn lines and well-defined colors, ideal for modern interior decoration. Our pop art prints meet very strict quality requirements.

Prepare your pop art print before it arrives at your home

The new form of shopping for this third millennium is through the Internet. Artwall and Co has revised its shipping protocols to provide you with your pop art print as quickly as possible and without risk of breakage. This is why your order is carefully prepared and packed in a cardboard padded with bubble wrap.

Dare to pop art with our collection of printed canvas that will create enthusiasm in your interior!