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People Canvas

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Character design canvas : Printed canvases of international stars

Our contemporary wall art pictures collection shows different characters and different styles. Our artists have been able to revisit these mythical modern canvas print while keeping the elegance and charisma of each personality. Nelson Mandela, Barak Obama, Mickael Jackson, Marylin Monroe, Audrey Hepburn,… so many people who have made a mark on our world.

This type of printed canvas wall art will undoubtedly adapt to your interior decoration and personalize the atmosphere of your living space. Free delivery on this entire collection of wall decoration.


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Printed wall art of characters on Artwall and Co

This world is influenced, inspired and guided by characters. Whether mythical, real or political, these influencers have earned their place in contemporary decor. Artwall and Co lets you choose your muse, guide, or idol as a wall ornament. In black and white or in color in motion or by posing, for the dining room or the living room ...

The advantages of the character wall art in your decoration

In the story, there are characters who inspire. Artists, politicians, or scientists. A whole range of decorative canvas on the subject is available on Artwall and Co, with considerable advantages in the presentation of your interior.

A wall art with a soul : that of the character wall decoration

The image of a character gives soul to your interior. A portrait is always reminiscent of a story, an adventure or works accomplished by the person in the photo. A character printed canvas therefore brings a particular spirit to your decoration.

A quality wall art on Artwall and Co

One of the major qualities of Artwall and Co's printed wall canvas of figures is high definition printing. Made on cotton canvas, the image is perfectly fluid and with detail that leaves nothing to be desired compared to printing done on paper.

How to hang the character wall art canvas

A good wall decoration should combine aesthetics and practicality. There are many beautiful ornaments, but their installation is complicated. This is what we wanted to avoid at Artwall and Co.

Hang a character canvas art with ease

First of all, the most important is the hook system. It is he who ensures the connection between the work and the wall. A wall decoration that is easily fixed, it is a good wall ornament. This is why Artwall and Co has opted for a system that is easy to set up on the back of the artwork.

Arrange places to hang your character wall art

Decoration is not just a painting story that we put here and there. You also need to arrange the space that welcomes your favorite character. You have to stage the one who brings a soul to your home.

Highlight your favorite character

To appreciate the star print picture, one must have a wall that is charming. Well printed and showing a smooth appearance. In this way, you liven up the subject and give a good basis for your interior decoration.

How is the character wall art canvas made at Artwall and Co

The production of a star wall canvas is not trivial at Artwall and Co. Careful preparation is necessary to obtain a decoration which is as easy to install as it is aesthetically beautiful.

A quality character canvas print

It should be noted that all the printed wall art presented here are prepared in our workshop in the south of France. This helps ensure the premium quality we claim, especially in high definition printing. This is essential for a perfect portrait and a completely aesthetic presentation.

A beautiful support for your character

A good portrait deserves adequate support. This is why Artwall and Co chooses its supports with care. Sometimes it’s canvas, or even wood. But there is also aluminum. Here the cotton canvas gives modernity and presence to the presentation.

The arrival of your character painting from Artwall and Co

Your wall decoration arrives at your home in a box with reinforced edges. Most importantly, the work is wrapped in bubble wrap that protects the edges of the painting from shocks during transport. So you have a perfect and flawless wall decoration.

The different character paintings on Artwall and Co

There are many characters who have influenced the world. But there is also this way of presenting them. In black and white, abstractly or simply. This results in different character canvas prints on Artwall and Co.

The printing of artistic character

The Beatles, Audrey Hepburn or even Michael Jackson. These are individuals who have marked the ages with their musical aura. Artwall and Co invites these remarkable men and women into your interior, thanks to the wall decoration of characters that you can order in a few clicks on the site.

The famous character wall art print

The Western world now knows a whole bunch of mythical figures. And it's not just artists who have influenced our modern design interior. One can for example see among these subjects, the Buddha, who illuminates the place with his Zen face.

How to choose your character wall frame

Which character should you choose for your interior design ?

A character who speaks to you

The choice is almost easy when it comes to a character board. Take someone you love, who inspires you, and most importantly whose story you know. Do you like his music ? Or is it his personality that fascinates you ? An example with our Barack Obamapcanvas.

Black and white or color ?

Depending on your interior decor, you can choose a character wall art in color or in black and white. The latter is more classic, even vintage, perfectly suited to the trend of the moment which is turning towards minimalism. But always keep in mind that interior design is all about taste.