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Adults Painting by Numbers

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Adult Paintings by numbers : Creative Arts and Decorative DIY Paintings

Our collection of paintings by numbers for adults allows you to create your own wall decoration using our creative DIY box! Animals passing by landscapes or pop art works, these decorative paintings will allow you to develop your artistic senses while relaxing with a Zen moment.

Each paint kit by number contains the canvas to be painted with its wooden frame, as well as brushes and paints. Ideal for anyone who wants to learn about painting while decorating their interior space.

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Adult painting by numbers frame for your interior

Awaken the buried artist in you with our collection of adult paint by number decoration. Nothing like it for learning about painting while having fun. Bring a painting to life with the ready-to-use kits.

The paint by numbers method for adults : DIY wall art

Paint by numbers teaches you to paint through a guided method. To do this, you will have a paint kit where you will find a pre-printed and numbered canvas, nylon paintbrushes, also numbered acrylic paint cans, and a miniature model to help you. Once the kit is in hand, you will only have to paint each numbered area with the associated paint bucket number. If you get lost, just refer to the template.

The painting by number : A nice way to give birth to an artist

Our range of paints by number is also aimed at adults. A whole range of images that allow you to improve yourself and bring out a masterpiece. We classify our tables by level. Our motto : anyone can create an original work. From beginner, intermediate to expert, all the scales are at your disposal to help you progress. Our workshop also has different themes to provide you with a wide choice.

For an optimization of your wall work art

Painting by number is a very fun learning process. Finishing a painting should be a moment of pleasure and not a moment of stress. So, before you start, choose the atmosphere that can calm you and soothe you whatever, outdoors or between four walls, in the garage or in your garden. Make yourself as comfortable as possible, even accompany your music sessions, if that contributes to a zen atmosphere.

Since paintings can have very small areas to paint, which could hamper you, have the instinct to take a picture of the canvas first. This will allow you to enlarge the photo and easily be able to read the numbers. Another solution is also to bring magnifying glasses that will clarify the details.

Our last tip for your art frame to paint

As the result is achieved through training, practice to improve yourself. Make it your goal to release a work, yours, but not a dark copy of the model. In other words, you don't have to follow the numbers for each color exactly. On the contrary, use your imagination to compose your own painting.

When you have finished one painting by number for adults, most of the time you will have excess paint. Why not use it on a blank canvas to give free rein to your ability ? And there you have it, everything is in your hands to put you in the shoes of an artist.

You will have a DIY painting, signed by you. Place the painting among your wall decorations. In the kit you will find two screws and two hooks to hang it.