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Painting by numbers for children : Creative arts and DIY painting

Paintings by numbers for children allow you to decorate their rooms in an original and fun way! These frame to paint yourself are real works of art that your children can make with a brush and with our instructions. In the trend of DIY decorations, these paintings by number for children will be the ideal creative hobby to develop their imagination and have a wall decoration entirely made by them.

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DIY paintings for children : The best wall art decoration

Once our toddlers know how to handle a pencil, we don't stop them. They love to write, paint wherever it is accessible to them. Walls, wardrobes, doors pay the price to make them happy. So how to channel this enthusiasm, however good it may be, but which destroys our furniture ? Artwall and Co comes to your rescue and offers you its canvas frame to paint for children.

DIY frame painting : The benefits for children 

Painting is a fun activity. Why ? Because it’s a great way to learn about different shapes, colors and more. Children can express themselves by painting in both emotions and feelings. By starting to paint, children get to have a creative mind. It also invites their artistic side to awaken. Artwall and Co make sure to arouse this envy with countless children's paintings by number and paintings to paint.

Frame to paint with different models

Children easily tire of an activity. Being hyper active, their brain tests one activity and passes to another at lightning speed, always wanting something new to eat. Painting can take a while and if that doesn't interest their curiosity enough, they move on without batting an eyelid.

Artwall and Co provides you with various paintings in drawings. From a unicorn painting to an elephant, from a soft toy to a doll, every child will find what they are looking for in our collection. With the paintings to paint offered by Artwall and Co, you kill two birds with one stone. Children learn while having fun.

An activity that strengthens ties

The advantage of canvas to paint is that it can be exercised by all age groups. You may well join your child in painting and encouraging them in their color choices. He will gain confidence, which will boost him to keep going and to love what he does. Who knows, maybe you too will learn to be more patient and accept the little mistakes he makes while painting.

It is also a moment of complicity, relaxation and fun that belongs only to you and your toddler. With the collection of Artwall and Co, your child will have time to evolve and master this manual activity. There you go, the solution is now at your fingertips so that little ones can have fun without having to clean up behind them. Painting can keep them busy for quite a long time if given the right tools and the right means.

With Artwall and Co children's decoration to paint, your child will develop a taste for painting and as a bonus, once painted, they will have a piece of art to remember. Collections of adult paintings are also available.