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Design oil painting

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Design wall painting : oil painting made by hand

Discover a timeless collection, full of colors and with an original artistic touch ... These design paintings, entirely handmade, offer you unique paintings with a sought-after brushstroke to give style to your living room, bedroom or any other room. of the House. It comes from an inspiration, from a moment captured by the artist and which turns into real art painting on canvas.

Each design oil painting is the result of a work of imagination and a methodical know-how to get feelings at a glance. If you want a unique wall, one of these designer paintings will be the perfect decorative piece.


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A collection of original design paintings

Do you want something new in decoration? But what to choose? Where to start ? You will be amazed at the number of decors there are on the market, let’s not even talk about the novelties that come out according to trends and seasons. Also, we offer you wall paintings, but not just any, design paintings straight out of our workshop.

Decorate with paintings

Paintings have always been a must-have for decorations. These are the kinds of wall decorations that have never lost their charm and usefulness. Rightly so, canvases, by their presence, can permanently change the atmosphere of a room. They offer a multitude of possibilities because they can be covered with endless patterns and designs. Just the choice of materials to use, the colors to highlight, any artist would find happiness in animating a painting through the work of his hands. For good reason, the colors of a season are enough to awaken artistic inspirations. Decoration enthusiasts are having a great time. Everyone finds their tastes and preferences there. Besides, whatever your type of decoration, a table will always find its place.

Hand painted wall art

Wall art, we see all kinds, but nothing beats those made by hand. Our gallery has various hand-painted paintings among its collection. These reflect the soul of each of our artists. You will see in these works the quintessence of the notes of colors which accompanied the brush of our artists. The time spent designing the paintings made them unique and original. Each work refers to the know-how of our artists. Our workshop is made up of a passionate and exciting team. They put their passion at the service of decoration to concoct the best of designer paintings.

Unique and original paintings

If you want to get a design painting that you will never find at someone else's, choose hand-painted paintings. Those that our artists have signed with their brush. Each painting that you will have the opportunity to see in our gallery is a unique work. You will make people envious who cannot afford the same. They will still be able to choose other, equally original ones that will brighten up their interior.

Canvas paintings following artistic trends

Ranging from pop-art painting to baroque, passing through cubism or even contemporary art, our collection of paintings touches all artistic aspirations. Our artists come from all horizons and each carry an exceptional baggage. They put this baggage into practice by transposing it onto different canvases. They bring a new touch to it with each brush stroke. Also, various choices are available to you. It's up to you to determine the table that will highlight your decorations already in place.

How to choose the design painting frame that will decorate your wall?

You will not have to choose your table at random, do it according to the layout of the room where you want to hang it. It will be the centerpiece of your interior. If you have imposing furniture, choose a table that does not take up too much space. You will impose it not by its size, but by the colors and patterns that will adorn it. In the same way, if you have spaced your living room, a large format table will easily fit into the decor. The goal is to hang the eyes of your guests on the board.

A painting made of cotton canvas and pine wood

The paintings are painted on a light canvas made of cotton. We favored this material because it resists humidity well. Its elasticity fits perfectly with any type of paint and allows perfect adhesion of colors to the canvas. A pine wood frame will frame this canvas, which will allow it to be held firmly. The pine, native to the woods of Canada, is light and resistant. It crosses time and bad weather without problem. Once mounted, the skillful hands of our painters will wander on this canvas and do their miracle.

Perfect finalization for perfect rendering

After being completed by the artist, each canvas completes its creation with a complete dry of the canvas. The result will only be better. With such a finalization, your painting will acquire an optimum quality which guarantees a long service life. Once you have made your choice, your painting will be carefully wrapped with cardboard corners to protect it from transport. You will have access to hanging hooks to facilitate hanging. Once hung, you will only have to savor the very beauty of your new decoration.