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Kid's room wall art : artistic canvas print for kids

Your children's room also needs to have wall decoration so that they can identify with and feel good in their living environment. For this our designers have selected a range of children's decorative canvas print so that they also enter the world of interior decoration. The photo canvases in this children's collection will bring joy and happiness to your little boy's, girl's or baby's room.

Animals, famous characters or multiple frame ... All the universes are available in this collection of printed wall art for children and will delight your little ones while allowing them to create their own universe.


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Children canvas print on Artwall and Co

For children or adults, Artwall and Co's printed wall art are made for everyone. Feminine or masculine, the theme can be chosen according to aspirations. Do you like colors or are you into romance ? Regardless, the choice is immense. Whether animals, cartoon characters. Their common point: a unique inspiration for your children

The particularity of children's printed wall art on Artwall and Co

A wall decoration can give a dramatic change to the room. The printed children's canvas give this atmosphere that makes you dream.

Modernity and theme for children wall decoration

Printed canvas for children are fairly recent. In the past, we were content with cheerful colors and a few trinkets hung here and there to arouse their curiosity. But today, our toddler's room is dressed and decorated like that of adults.

Frame of irreproachable quality

These aren't just posters or scissor-cut images from a magazine. These are real canvas print of irreproachable quality. From now on, children have the right to high-end as a wall decoration. The themes will make it possible to recreate a universe which suits them and which resembles them.

How to set up the children's printed wall art

To enjoy the embellishment of a children's printed canvas, you need a presentation that is impeccable. That is, the location must be well prepared, to showcase the work. The hanging system should also be practical for everyone.

A children's printed canvas that can be hung easily

The printed children's decoration on Artwall and Co are easy to hang. This is important so that children can participate in decorating their room. There is no need for intervention with complicated tools (drill, nail and hammer ...) to set up the ornament. This is practical, but above all, it preserves the walls with our fasteners without holes.

Arrange the space for a children's printed frame

Decorating a space is a large-scale operation. A flat, hole-free surface is very important. So, you need a minimum of layout on the walls to have a perfect aesthetic. A little color would not be too much, which sometimes means a brushstroke to even out the wall.

The enhancement of the children's printed art on the wall

Put the children's printed decoratìon art on a clean wall. But above all, it must be clearly visible, that is to say, allow light to illuminate the work. Natural or artificial light is used to enhance the wall decoration.

How to make your children's printed canvas

Several steps are necessary to make a children's printed board. The challenge is to enable you to have the perfect wall decoration coming to your home.

Children wall art decoration : A qualitative printed frame

Controlling quality is essential for Artwall and Co. This is why each children's printed canvas is sent from our workshop, in France, in the Var. This results in a high quality image on a modern and highly aesthetic medium. The finish is exemplary and all stages of the production process comply with European requirements.

Preparation, packaging and sending of your children's printed painting

It is essential, when making sales on the Internet, to ensure a secure shipment of the package. Artwall and Co has therefore made sure that each order is processed in such a way as to guarantee a wall decoration in perfect condition when it arrives at your home. The children's printed board is therefore wrapped in bubble wrap, before being put in a cardboard box with a reinforced edge.

The different children's printed wall art by Artwall and Co

There is a very big difference between a children's printed canvas and another. The subjects covered are varied.

The romanticism of colors on children's wall art

Colors are important on children's printed art. They awaken a special sense: sight. The presence of these different shades calls for the distinction of shapes and promotes apprehension of the outside world. This is what we have for example with the romantic painting with hearts or the one with butterflies.

Cartoons and children

In the children's world, of course, there are cartoons. From the characters they know on a high definition printed frame art, there is nothing better to decorate a toddler's room. Kung-Fu Panda or Minion, choose your children's favorite characters on Artwall and Co.

How to choose the right printed children's board

Ideally, a wall decoration should correspond to the person who frequents the premises.

Boy or girl ?

Obviously, wall decoration is not the same for girls and boys. Of course, there are the themes that you could call unisex, but we all agree that little hearts and flowers are more for girls.

A children's painting for the adults' living room

There are adults who have kept their child's soul. Why not put a Minion painting in the living room? Nothing prevents you. And it’s not Artwall and Co who will tell you otherwise!