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Flower Canvas

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Flower canvas print : Modern and natural wall decoration

Flowers have always been an ultra trendy and modern subject for decorative canvas prints and wall decorations. Symbol of nature, these canvas of flowers will allow you to bring a modern touch while in harmony with your interior decoration. White, colored or even black, all these flowers are available in simple frames, in triptychs or in multiple canvas.

Artwall and Co has called on its designers to provide you with original and design canvas decoration that will inevitably find their place in a living room, dining room or adult bedroom decoration. Each flower decorationcomes with its wooden frame for easy hanging.


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Failing to be scented, flower canvas print are and remain the must have of decoration. They perfume the interior rooms with their summer, fall or even winter presence. Because yes, flower decoration provide that dose of color that every interior needs, regardless of the season. Our artists have a particular affection for flowery wall art, which is why they have dedicated entire works to them. Discover with us our collection of flower canvas prints.

The symbolism of flowers on a wall decoration

Our artists like to scratch their canvases with floral motifs, and for good reason. Flowers are decorative elements in their own right. In vase, pot, wallpaper or even as a painting, nature has never been so represented. They breathe this refreshed and zen air. They alone transmit messages with various connotations. From love to friendship, from joy to hope, flowers symbolize a whole universe that can go beyond a simple decorative object, notwithstanding the printed canvas.

Thus, owning a wall art adorned with camellias will reflect the eternal love that reigns in a house. Installing a canvas printed with geranium in your living room will transcribe the friendship and sociability you will have for your guests. While the poppy will easily find its place in your room, this flower symbolizes dreams.

Floral printed canvases : perfect as a gift

Because of these different representations, flower wall art are ideal if you are looking for gifts to give. Our canvas art secretly carry the words that are often suppressed, more meaningful than the language itself. Fully browse our gallery, you will surely find the ideal decoration that will perfectly relate your thoughts.

An advice ? Choose one with sober colors, such as the white lily print canvas, reflecting purity and nobility. This type of decoration goes easily with any type of decoration. As a gift, the person to whom you are going to give it will have no trouble dedicating a section of the wall to it.

Canvas prints for all seasons

If there is a canvas that can reflect the different seasons at any time, it is the flowered canvas. The decorative flower art represent freshness and liveliness in each room where they stand. Whether they display the orange colors of autumn or the multicolored colors of summer, the flowery canvas bring softness and delicacy. From these characteristics, our artists took advantage of them. They play with kindness with nuances and tones to magnify each decoration and adorn them with these beautiful works of nature. Each canvas is subtly imprinted with lines of field violets, wild roses or even lotus flowers. If your interior is devoid of floral decorations, try our larger-than-life printed canvases.

Modern canvas for all tastes

Canvas of flowers are still unanimous among decorators-designers, because they meet everyone's expectations. If a decoration with a Japanese atmosphere has always seduced you, adopt without fear our canvas of cherry blossoms. On a blue, white or gray background, the pink of these flowers delicately adorns the cotton canvas on which it is printed. Hanging above your sofa or desk, this decoration will brighten up and soften the surrounding atmosphere.

Rather exotic taste ? We offer you our wall art where ylang-ylang and hibiscus take pride of place. Take advantage of the warmth they return. Or travel outright with our ethnically inspired canvases. There is nothing more original and colorful to bring a touch of authenticity and arrogance to your rooms. Multiple choices are available, all you have to do is explore our collection to soak up our various works.

High quality printed canvas

Our team pays particular attention to the design of the decoration canvas, from the choice of works, the printing, to the packaging. Impressions are made in the most qualitative way. We have equipped ourselves with a high-definition laser to keep the original colors as well as possible, each shade, each shade is respected.

The canvases are printed on natural cotton, soft and stiff at the same time. Cotton is a light surface that blends faithfully with inks. 100% natural, the canvas, inks and frames we use are environmentally friendly. Our wall art are resistant to sunlight and strong light. Tables available in several formats

You will not only have the choice between the patterns, but also between the formats. Indeed, our decoration come in different sizes, from one to several panels. You will be unanimous by adopting multi-panel boards. The latter having gained notoriety lately. In one, two or even five parts, the floral motifs gain in charm and fully display their beauty.