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Zen Canvas

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Zen canvas : Zen wall decorations for your interior

Your room and your decoration should reflect your personality but also soothe you after long days of work. Zen atmospheres are trendy and allow total relaxation in your living room or bedroom.

The zen printed canvas from our Artwall and Co collection are a hymn to calm and relaxation in your wall decoration. Buddha, bamboo or even dreamy places by the sea ... All our designs invite you to escape from your interior decoration while providing a relaxed atmosphere. Each zen decoration is made on a quality cotton canvas and stretched over a wooden frame.


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The printed canvas is a timeless decoration. Many more original collections adorn the walls of our living spaces throughout the year. And this, by bringing feelings that differ to each decoration. The same goes for the Zen printed decoration which we provide to you.

Find out what our artists have in store for you in this category.

Relaxing wall decoration at every look

Nothing better to get away from the daily grind than admiring a wall. Stress is released with an image that instantly calms the mind. A canvas depicting the image of pebbles, the top of the Himalayas, or a canvas with lush bamboo trunks, this collection immerses the entire room in a relaxing atmosphere. A palette of printed boards perfect for beauty salons, meeting rooms, libraries. These canvases are also suitable for the wall of your living room, but also of the bedroom.

You can find in this range of zen wall canvas:

  • Buddha decoration : The emblematic character of Zen is available here in all its forms of wall decoration
  • Bamboo Canvas : Green and soothing, these designer canvas will be perfect for a zen interior
  • Nature wall art: A horizon or an atypical space, discover our collection of nature deco for a touch of escape

The advantages of a zen printed canvas

Ecology at the center of our concerns In canvas, the visual counts, just as much as the quality of the material. Our technicians use an ecological printing method, particularly in inks. In other words, these inks are toxic and odorless. All this to allow you to hang them without worry in your toddler's room.

A canvas guaranteeing quality

In order for the printed canvas to strut proudly on the wall for years to come, we chose thick canvases stretched over a solid wood frame. Thus, each print becomes even sharper. Printing at the pace of new technologies

Our technicians are constantly looking for printers with new features to improve printing techniques. Zen printed decoration stand out with loyalty and high color brilliance. In addition, the print quality results in a waterproof canvas, which is resistant to sunlight. You can immediately hang your Zen printed wall art as soon as it is received, because the inks dry quickly and are odorless. A variety of sizes, parts and patterns

This category of zen printed canvas comes in various sizes that allow you to hang them on a small corner of the wall such as a hallway or toilet, but also on a large wall in a restaurant, for example. Unframed, these printed canvases range from one to five pieces. A trendy decoration that will be the centerpiece of your interior. Do not hesitate to scroll through our patterns to draw the zen canvas that will give you well-being and serenity.

Choosing the right zen print canvas

The Zen atmosphere easily adapts to any type of style. However, make sure to match it according to the furnishings of the room. Depending on the style of furniture (contemporary, vintage, classic, etc.), the color of the curtains (bright, dark, etc.), the color of the walls, choose a zen wall canvas that brings a contrast. This will further enhance this accessory with its borderless character.

Delivery tracking

To deliver an impeccable zen decorationt, our team relies on the delicacy of the packaging. Because in addition to being wrapped in bubble wrap, all the angles of the painting are protected by corner guards.

Tips for installing your zen wall frame

Once you have your Zen printed board delivered, all you have to do is install it properly.

The ideal location in your interior decoration

The printed board, as mentioned, is resistant to UV rays. However, permanent exposure to light quickly degrades print quality. Try hanging your zen print in the shade. Placing it near a heat source also scales the print colors so avoid hanging your painting facing or over a fireplace, for example. To be able to admire the work properly, make sure that the center of the painting is at eye level, which is approximately 1m60. A water level will help you secure your board horizontally. Take the measurements of your canvas and draw some marks on the wall in pencil to have a sketch.

The choice of fixings The hooks vary according to the size of the canvas. If you have a small picture, hooks are more suitable, while a peg will hang a large picture. For a table with several panels, it would be preferable to choose the chair rails so as not to bore holes in the wall. Finally, other hooking methods exist, if these solutions do not satisfy you.