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Pop art wall painting

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Pop art painting : Colorful and original oil paintings

The pop art style in wall painting has always been apart, focusing on the colors and originality of the works. Artwall and Co offers you here a collection of pop art canvas painting entirely made by brush by our artists to sublimate your wall decoration with a colorful and ultra contemporary touch.

Portraits of women through more abstract figures and design, these pop art paintings make you travel in various universes and there is something for everyone! Let yourself be seduced by one of these paintings for your living room, bedroom or for the walls of your office.


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The pop art painting is one of those canvases that bring a touch of pep to your wall. If your decoration lacks dynamism, this collection dedicated to pop art is made for your interior!

The world of pop art in wall painting

For short and short description, pop art or folk art finds its principles on the techniques used. Most of the time, the artist uses collages from advertisements, everyday objects and magazines. This cultural movement gives birth to unusual assemblies. Its main characteristic, however, remains abstract art.

Pop art lying on a hand painted picture

Pop art inspired artists release an original work. If all the more, we accompany it with design, we get a real ornament. Our paintings in this category are all hand painted, personally signed to be a unique and authentic model. In this section, abstract art has emerged in countless unimaginable ways. Each painting on canvas has its own personality, varying in image and color.

Our pop art-themed works honor geometry, animals, portrait faces, Hollywood stars but also technology. Thus, you will find among our selections, abstract paintings that focus on only one color, creating a vintage atmosphere in your interior. If you like liveliness, you will undoubtedly agree with multicolored canvases.

Quality pop art wall paintings

In order for painted pictures to adorn your wall without tarnishing, the inks used are among the best qualities. Painters use acrylic paint, oil paint, separating or combining them to produce a fresh and modern work of art. They have perfect resistance to light and have no smell. If you want to place a pop art painting in your children's room, be aware that the inks do not contain any harmful ingredients. Our painted fabrics are mounted on wooden frames, ready to be installed and to beautify your walls. All our paintings are finalized with gloss varnish.

The place of a pop art painting

The fabrics which we put at your disposal differ in patterns and in deep colors, bright, sober or lively. The texture of pop art paintings allows you to blend into any type of decoration while giving relief with this paste effect.

If you want to decorate the wall of your hotel, take a look at our selections of XXL painted pictures. You will capture the eyes of customers on this beautiful, more than daring masterpiece. A spacious bedroom or living room with a large wall would also be suitable for this type of format. The canvas alone can accentuate the relief as much as the design of your interior. To erase the monotonous atmosphere of a corridor, place a pop art painting with a trendy and colorful pattern on it. Even with a small size, the desired contribution in tone will be there.

The installation of the painting pop art painting

We reassure you immediately, you do not need to call a professional to hang your painting. You will get there without difficulty. However, these tips can help. To get a better view, the center of the painting should be at eye level. It should be 165 cm above the ground. After choosing the ideal place for your canvas, use a pencil to mark the upper corners of the frame. The marks in the upper corners will be used to determine the middle of the table to install the hook. For a small canvas, the hook is suitable for hanging and if it is a large canvas, use a dowel instead. Finally, to install the painting, insert it on the wall fixing. By letting go of it gently, make sure it doesn't lean.

The maintenance of the painting

The materials that make up our paintings guarantee optimal longevity. However, a minimum of maintenance is required. First of all, be aware that canvas paintings do not like exposure to the sun, temperature change and heat. In the long run, the colors could lose their brightness and even flake. So, try not to place your pop art painting above or in front of a fireplace. Also avoid direct projection of the sun's rays onto the canvas.

Dust is easily posed on tables. To clean it, simply wipe it with a soft, clean and dry cloth. Browse our pop art paintings and let your inventive side speak. As pop art opens several fields in styles and several possibilities too, you could always bring a personal touch to your interior thanks to our various selections. And now, to your decorations!