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Street art canvas

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Street art canvas : Banksy printed canvas and street art wall decoration

Our street art canvas, or even street art, are intended for lovers of graffiti, tags or even visuals on the walls of the city. Very often linked to pop art not its colorful aspect and its particular shapes, street art printed canvases explore themes such as animals, luxury brands or well-known characters in today's world. It is not uncommon to find a street art wall art of Mickey Mouse or a big name in fashion in explosive colors ! Each street art decoration is unique and made by an artist with his own technique. Whether it's collage, painting or tags, these street art wall decorations take you to different, often controversial worlds.

You can also find the canvas of Banksy, one of the most famous street artists of the day whose works of art sell at insane prices. These reproductions give you the opportunity to do between Banksy's printed canvases in your home to take advantage of all his talent.

Artwall and Co offers you a collection of street art canvas for all tastes in order to add character to your interior design while keeping a unique touch.


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Do you see this colorful art form which adorns the streets and which has gained notoriety for some time ? What would you say if we told you you can also take them home and decorate your walls with them? Street art is already an art in its own right, our designers have worked hard to find you works worthy of the name to perfect your wall decoration in printed canvas. Tinted with colors, characters, flowers or quirky landscapes and signed by the hands of great artists of urban art, discover our street art canvas print in this collection.

Street art wall decorations

If street art has long been the subject of conflicts between artists and authorities, it is not so much these days. Graffiti, the best-known form of urban art, now adorns streets and neighborhoods with colors and frescoes that stand out and bring to life the places where they stand.

Various techniques mixing together: graffiti, tag, stencil, sticker or collage, each artist carries a message, expresses himself and communicates with the public through each work he shares. Our designers were inspired by all these characteristics to provide you with a street art wall decoration just for you.

Street art, decorative canvases with various themes

Street art is subject to various themes from which each artist is inspired in order to best express what he wants to convey through his art. Our street art canvas want to reproduce them by highlighting the most striking features: colors, shapes, the rebellious side they display.

In this collection dedicated to the great artistic movement of all times, you can meet the works of renowned artists such as Banksy in modern canvas. The urban atmosphere invites itself into your home through original works with abstract motifs, staged by children, a woman or even animals of all kinds, characters who rocked us, a life scene stained with colors… All brushstrokes are allowed when it comes to street art, it's up to you to choose the painting that suits your desires.

Banksy's works on your walls

Who better represents street art than Banksy ? A whole collection of street art wall decoration is dedicated to him. It is one of our best sellers. It is therefore only rightly that we recommend it to you as well.

Recognized by all by "The little girl with the ball", he transmits messages through his works, representing a silhouette sometimes in protest, sometimes in tribute. His works all deserve to be reproduced and valued, not only in the streets, but especially in homes. If you have a touch of activism or have an affection for pop art, the Banksy wall art that we have in our collection are for you.

Your favorite brands enhanced by street art graffiti

The big brands associated with graffiti, it is possible, we even offer you a large selection. Venture without moderation in our photo gallery to locate the table or tables that suit you.

Are you looking for stylish and contemporary decorations ? We offer you a street art canvas in Chanel version, highlighted by bright colors ranging from blue, through yellow or even orange.

You can also get canvases that symbolize the great Louis Vuitton brand with its iconic LV. Rolex is not to be outdone and is displayed in a shade that forms a halo of color and permeates time to infinity.

The characters in street art painting

The old linked to the modern is what we can call these wall canvas that remind us of Mickey, Donald or good old Uncle Scrooge. Highly colorful canvases that play with lost laughter and those that still can buy these street art paintings.

There is no lack of associations, we can find Charlie Chaplin and the rabbit Bugs Bunny, a wall ornament that promises cunning and a smile. Your children will love to contemplate them in their rooms, a joy to share with the family. For older children, you can find stars like this street art painting by Kate Moss.

What type of decoration to associate street art paintings with?

Street art paintings will find more their place in daring, contemporary, industrial non-conformist modern wall decorations. But they can also break the tranquility of cozy-style decorations to add a touch of daring.