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Eco friendly wall decoration

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Eco friendly wall decoration : Ethical and design decoration in recycled plastic

In the concern of details and sustainable development, Artwall and Co offers a collection of wall decoration placed under the sign of ethics, eco-responsible and with recycled materials. Real philosophy of life, these original creations are made in partnership with talented artists, concerned about the environment and wanting to leave their mark in your interior.

Inspired and created in France, these eco-responsible wall decorations take you on a journey into different universes with light and resolutely design touches. From women's faces to famous contemporary sculptures, our eco-responsible decorations blend perfectly into your interior design. Let the poetry of these decorations enchant you ...

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Have you always dreamed of a designer and eco friendly wall decoration ? We offer you a unique selection of chic and eco-responsible wall decoration. The decorations are presented in the form of wall sculptures that are both original and full of refinement. Some nod to the beauty of nature while others are inspired by stories and mythologies. Fans of design decoration will find their happiness in these artistic works full of poetry. They can place them in all the rooms of the house for a unique and charming interior.

Process of creating our eco friendly wall decorations

Pencil in hand, white sheet on the table, our artist lets his imagination guide him to create a precise model. Each image is a unique creation bearing the designer's factory signature.

A volume sculpture is then fashioned from this original drawing. The finesse of each silhouette reflects the artist's skill. The latter reveals his philosophy, his principles and even his desires on his creation.

The artistic masterpiece comes to your home to bring style and originality. Each eco-responsible wall decoration arouses the admiration of all those who cross its path.

Original art decoration offered in several themes

Our eco-responsible wall sculptures are designed to bring character to your interior decoration. Each of the models has a modern and refined look that makes it a unique piece of art.

In this category, you will find several themes that are both trendy and original:

  • Animal wall decoration : This collection brings your interior decoration to life. Available in different models, these ecological wall decoration objects offer a modern and contemporary note to your walls. You will find wild animals, birds, insects and marine animals.
  • Nature decoration: The protection of nature is at the center of our concerns. This is why we are integrating this theme into our collection of eco-responsible decor. For a chic and ecological interior, we offer unique pieces recalling the beauty of nature.
  • History and mythology wall decoration: Nothing better than history and mythology to bring a zen and serene atmosphere into your interior. In your spare time, remember your art and history lessons while contemplating your magnificent wall sculptures.
  • Travel and entertainment decoration: For adventure and travel enthusiasts, a new category of "travel and entertainment" decorations has been concocted by our team. The beautiful sculptures combine surprises, discoveries and escape.

Where to place our eco friendly wall decoration ?

All our eco friendly wall decoration models find their place in the different rooms of the house.

Some land on the living room walls to bring an aesthetic and timeless look to your space.

Other models are designed for the bedroom of adults and children. Their presence makes it easier to fall asleep in order to enjoy a good restful sleep.

The kitchen and the bathroom are not to be outdone. Models with "nature" and "animal" themes can perfectly fit into these technical pieces.

In addition, we make the decor according to the color of your walls: a model in white for dark walls and a model in black for lighter walls.

For large rooms, don't hesitate to combine two to three models side by side, or choose the batch models of the same theme for a more harmonized look. You place the sculptures in a well-lit place with better visibility: parallel to the headboard for example, above a sofa or in front of the front door.

The many advantages of our ethical wall sculptures

Buying an eco-responsible wall decor on our site allows you to take advantage of several advantages.

Ethical and environmental decoration

Very committed to environmental protection, we favor the use of recycled materials in the design and packaging of our products. All media are chosen for their low impact on the environment.

100% French manufacture

The quality of products made in France is no longer to be presented. Our eco-responsible wall decorations are also made in France. They are assembled and fully prepared in our workshops in France.

Ease of installation

Each sculpture incorporates a hanging system allowing it to be easily attached to the wall. Before mounting, mark the wall and mark it with a small dot. This step helps you to properly install the object without the risk of seeing it tilted or misplaced.

Numbered and limited series

All our ecological wall sculptures are numbered to attest to their authenticity. They are offered in a limited series of 50 copies maximum.

Delivery in the best conditions

We pack the product in multiple layers of recycled packaging. We add an additional box to guarantee the security of the package from its departure from the workshop to your home.