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Line art canvas prints

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Line art canvas prints : Minimalist wall decoration with line art style

Line art canvas print are above all a drawing, a sketch that gives meaning to the canvas but in a minimalist version. Like a lifeline on the frame, the line art style allows you to escape, to guess the contours of the human body or abstract shapes while having a unique wall decoration ... To give character to your room or simply integrate a poetic touch to your walls, this collection of line art wall canvas invites you on a journey, inspiration is gentle and captures your attention.

Each line art wall decoration is the result of careful work, subtle and sublimating line drawings which take into account the most important. No frills, primary colors and pastels sublimate these works. You can combine the different models to have a contemporary wall fresco.


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Does art fascinate you and cause you an explosion of joy and fascination? So it's time to discover our line art canvas print, a creative and trendy art combining a minimalist, retro vintage and linear aspect. Singular and elegant graphics invite themselves on your walls to bring a fresher and more contemporary note. Bold, thin, framed or shaded, these lines give meaning to the canvas while providing character to your interior decoration.

Line art canvas prints : The place of strokes and lines in art

The line art canvas makes us discover the magnificence of lines and features. Handled with dexterity by our creators, these graphics offer above all sketches and drawings. Some renderings are shown in their original appearance, without tint, and in black and white. Others reveal their charm with their different colors, sometimes united and sometimes mixed.

The lines take on a sober color to be perfectly highlighted. Black is often the color of choice for designers, but they don't hesitate to use other cooler colors like beige or white for a more original look.

The background color is also an important choice. Artists regularly opt for a neutral and standard white, or a fresh and trendy color that makes line-art canvas prints more original. In the middle of each work appear the features of line art. They constitute the centerpieces of each wall decoration.

Line art printed canvas : The charm of our collection

The style differs from artist to artist. In any case, our collection of line art boho canvas prints combines finesse and design. Some designs are rich in detail with multiple intersecting lines between them. Others are embellished with delicate lines, less thick but offering a very poetic rendering. The artist's skill allows the eye to easily discern the design. At a glance, you can guess the image, like the silhouette of a dancer or the sketch of an elephant for example.

Then, your gaze is fixed and observes the beautiful drawing, like a desire to distinguish the small details that make up the decoration. The eye travels the surface and marvels at the sight of this masterpiece. The lines are more distinct. We see more and more the waves of a woman's hair, the feathers of a bird's wing, or the branches of a leaf.

Once you have taken these steps, you are immediately won over by the charm of the line art wall decoration. This minimalist art has awakened something in you. From now on, it will be your new decorative ally, to put in all the rooms of your home.

Line art decoration : Artistic lines in different forms

In our online store, the line art collection is presented in the form of a printed canvas. Discover the model that looks like you and create a universe that looks like you.

The line art canvas print is the flagship model of our collection. Colored or not, this type of work reveals a pure charm expressing the capacities of its creator. The latter uses the line as a starting point and as an end point of his own creation. The more detailed the sketch, the more fine lines there are, and vice versa.

You can also assemble different line art canvases of different sizes to create a real boho wall decoration: Kit of canvas prints allow you to create your own art gallery which will be made up of several elements placed side by side. This style brings an original touch to your decoration. Don't hesitate to adopt it for wide and spacious walls.

Line art canvas prints to dress small and large spaces

Minimalism is in the spotlight with the line art wall decoration. If you are planning to renovate your interior wall decor, this linear art is for you. The use of the line is an unusual artistic reference. Even Leonardo da Vinci was an avid user of the line in his day. Now it's your turn to showcase line art through your wall decoration.

You choose the model according to the room to be decorated: a canvas prints kit for a large living room, or a canvas for a small living room. For the bedroom, install one or two frames in the adults' room, and small line art paintings in the children's room.

Passage spaces such as the corridor and the entrance hall also offer a designer decoration with line art. The choice of the model to be installed depends on the size of the space. Opt for our link art canvas inspirations for a long hallway and a large size board for the entrance hall.