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Metal decoration games : Design and entertainment in metal decoration

Metal wall decorations are all the rage, so why not combine design with fun ? This collection of metal deco games allows you to have relaxing objects while also bringing a modern touch to your interior. Tic Tac Toe, basketball and many others are available here in metallic decoration to create the sensation in your room.

With fast and secure delivery, these metal deco games are there to entertain you with the objective of keeping that designer touch that will decorate your living room, bedroom or office. Each metal wall game is finely crafted in our workshop to provide you with top-of-the-range quality and great times with family or friends!


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Metal wall decoration is another way to enhance your interior walls. Combining design and originality, this new trend allows you to decorate each room with style. The metal deco games consist of several metal accessories that can be attached to all surfaces.

Chic at will, this decor is a real invitation to relaxation and serenity. You are even invited to play the game while enjoying the sublime and aesthetic decor. To provide you with high quality accessories, all metal wall deco games are carefully crafted by our best artists, in our own workshops.

What are the advantages of metal wall decoration?

Do you usually decorate your walls with wall pictures? Maybe it's time to adopt a new style by choosing metal wall decorations. They bring a more fun and playful touch to your interior decoration. In addition, they match with all the decorative styles of the moment: industrial, Scandinavian, cozy, modern, etc.

The metal wall decoration has made versatility its greatest weapon of seduction. Presented as a game with several metal elements, this new decor can adorn several rooms of the house: the living room, the bedroom, the dining room, the kitchen as well as the bathrooms.

The metal design guarantees optimum resistance against impact and daily handling. This is because even if you constantly play the game, it retains its quality thanks to its metal material.

What styles of metal games are there?

This futuristic decor is designed for the whole family. A variety of styles are then presented to meet the needs of young and old.

Among the favorites, you have the metal basketball decoration which will surely appeal to fans of this sporting discipline. Ideal for the bedrooms of the youngest, this metal game can also beautify the living room and the hallway. It brings a playful atmosphere to the space while creating a modern and designer style.

The metal decoration game noughts and crosses is another style presented in a playful and dynamic format. This time, the whole family can participate, even those who are new to the game. This game decor is an essential ally for combining entertainment and decoration. It comes with 10 magnetic pieces and a game board to put on your wall.

How to choose your new metal decoration game?

There are a few criteria to take into account when choosing your new metal decoration set, including the style and decoration you want to have.

Indeed, if you are a sports fan, nothing prevents you from opting for the basketball decor. Thus, you can create a decoration in your image: innovative, original and full of life.

If you are more of a puzzle game fan, then the perfect choice is the noughts and crosses game. Its design and modern look will enhance your decoration.

How to install metal wall games?

To install the metal wall sets, you will need a strong hook that can support a significant amount of weight. Remember, metal parts are heavy and a nail will not be able to hold them in place.

For the game board, the hooks are more appropriate. Screws are also essential to fix each metal element on this same plate. Thus, your metal decoration will be able to withstand swaying and agitation during the game.