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Painting reproduction : painting on canvas by famous artists

Lovers of contemporary art or paintings by iconic artists, our collection of reproductions of famous paintings opens its doors to you ! With artists like Van Gogh, Picasso and many others ... These reproduction paintings allow you to get as close as possible to these unique works.

With an artistic brushstroke and a concern for precision, our reproductions of paintings allow you to have real paintings for your wall decoration while keeping the authenticity of the creator. Each piece is offered to you in a paint version, like its original, and in free and secure delivery.


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You are an avid admirer of the artistic works of Van Gogh, Picasso and other iconic painters, then this collection of painting reproductions is for you. These representations will transform your interior into a true art gallery. They reflect your passion for contemporary art, and at the same time allow you to acquire unique works reproducing the original painting of legendary painters. Unparalleled in aesthetics, these painting reproductions are high-end wall paintings to display anywhere in the home.

Discover the master cards of these decoration in painting reproductions

Reproduction of painting on the walls ! This is a good option to have a refined wall decoration. Ideally placed in the room that welcomes guests, this contemporary art represents your taste for beautiful artistic works. Whatever painter has fascinated you so much, Van Gogh or Picasso for example, this is where you will find reproductions of paintings by these illustrious artists.

These reproductions in painting stand out as much for their originality as for their high-quality design. Our artists reproduced each work with a brush. Thus, it represents their ability and expertise to create mythical masterpieces, resembling those of the great contemporary painters.

From color to form to the smallest details, our canvases paintings reproductions remain faithful to the original paintings of the artists. The signature of Picasso or Van Gogh is certainly not scratched on the painting, but that does not prevent you from decorating your interior with these magnificent reproductions.

A reproduction painting for a style and for an atmosphere

The choice of a painting canvas reproduction is above all a matter of affinity. So, you are free to choose the table which suits your preference. That said, there are criteria to take into account to have a good harmony in the decor.

A paint in bright colors for a warm interior

So, if you want to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, your choice must be fixed on a reproduction painting in shimmering colors. In this collection, you can select the paintings "Sunflowers" or "La Méridienne" for example. These two reproductions illuminate the room with their luminous hues mixing yellow, beige, off-white and blue.

A painting in warm colors for a relaxing atmosphere

To have a calming atmosphere, the paintings on canvas in reproduction in warm colors are favorites. Paintings like "The Starry Night" or "The Bedroom" will do well. Their sober and chic style brings a feeling of relaxation to your interior. They are perfect for decorating the bedroom or living room, right above the sofa.

A painting reproduction of flowers for a country setting

And if you are fans of exotic, rustic and natural decor, our collection of painting reproductions presents the canvases "Les iris" and "Les roses". Their name already confirms their style. These are rustic paintings made entirely with a brush, and embellished with pretty emblematic flowers.

The installation of the reproduction painting on the wall

To showcase your new wall chart, it is very important to know how to fix it correctly.

For the models shown on this page, they are all fitted with a frame mounted on a quality wooden frame. This aspect gives them better strength and optimum durability. Each model also has a hook that will allow you to attach the painting to the wall. All you have to do is find the best location, measure the right height and you're good to go!