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Flower paintings

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Flower painting : Oil paintings on canvas of flowers

Our collection of flower painting in wall art makes you discover original designs with a touch of poetry for your wall decoration. Whether they are abstract, realistic or even modern flowers, these flower paintings will allow you to integrate a contemporary and natural atmosphere into your interior. Depending on your room, different colors are available for each painting canvas with flowers in pink, blue or gold.

Each flower painting is the result of inspiration and brushwork by our artists. Each painting is handmade and with an eye for detail on a cotton canvas for a quality worthy of art galleries. Delivery is completely free for these flower paintings and with secure packaging.


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A single painting in flower canvas can transform your entire wall decoration. To find the ideal model, our shop presents our collection of flower paintings made with a brush. This new style brings an original and poetic touch to your room. Opting for a flower canvas made with a brush is to enhance the artist's creation while enhancing your walls with a fresh and floral note. If you want to discover the richness of our collection, then do not hesitate to visit this section reserved for frame in flower paintings.

The major assets of our flower painting collection

Do you like nature and especially flowers? It's time for you to find the flower painting that you are going to install on your walls. Each work has been shaped to be unique. Its light and colorful effect will bring the sparkling touch that was lacking in your interior decoration.

As a creative work, the flower painting also relates the expertise of the artist who made it. The way the image is represented expresses the painter's deep desire. Creative and inventive, his personality is seen through the painted canvas.

The different styles offered

In our online store, flower paintings made with a brush come in different styles and colors.

Some canvases represent bouquets of flowers that reveal several flowers with bright petals. Other models show only a single flower or a single petal in close-up, the details of which reveal all the splendor of the painting.

If you want to create a more harmonious look, this collection also presents you panel models bringing together several paintings of the same style. This model is ideal for less spacious rooms. Just install 3 or 4 panels on the wall and the whole room will be illuminated.

When it comes to the color of the paintings, the artists chose cool, vibrant hues that will eliminate the dull effect of the decoration. White, pink, blue or green, these colors offer beautiful modern and designer appearances.

On the canvas, you also notice sober colors that are embedded everywhere. Black, brown or gray, they create wonderful contrasts.

Where to install a painting of flowers?

Which room do you want to decorate? The living room, the bedroom or the office? Flower painting done with a brush is suitable for any interior room in the house. Technical spaces such as the dining room, and passage areas such as the corridor and the entrance hall can accommodate this kind of painting. The painting beautifies the space while providing it with a magnificent decor.

If you want to renovate the decoration of your workplace, bet on the canvas made with a brush. Your office will change its look with this astonishing creation. Each time you enter this room, your gaze will be drawn to the painting, like a desire to contemplate it for longer.

How to lay your flower painting?

Whatever the size of the canvas (50 x 100 cm, 80 x 80 cm or 160 x 90 cm), the installation of this object does not require any professional intervention. You own your new painting, so you can install it with confidence. To do this, you need to locate the exact spot where to place it. Then you mark the location with paper and pencil. Ideally, it is at eye level, i.e. around 165cm from the ground. For hanging, choose a hook for small square paintings, and a dowel for large canvases.