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Custom metal decoration

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Custom metal wall decoration : Metal sculptures according to your inspiration

Discover our customized metal wall decoration solutions ! Do you want to create a personal phrase or create a metal sculpture from your image or logo ? Then you have come to the right place ... Artwall and Co offers you a whole artistic creation service to achieve the metal decoration of your dreams.

How it works ? Nothing could be simpler, you just have to send us your image or your ideas and we will come back to you with a design. Once validated, we launch production in our workshop in France to create your custom metal decoration. Delivery is free and fully secure for each of these creations.

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Sometimes we want to express our personality through our wall decoration. If you want to bring change in your daily life and adopt a decorative style that suits you, then we invite you to discover our personalized metal wall decoration. These beautiful artistic creations will dramatically change the look of your space. To bring them to life, our designers do not rely on their own inspiration but rather on yours.

You entrust us with your ideas and your sentences, and we reconstitute them on a metal support to become a nice personalized decoration.

The centerpieces of personalized metal wall decoration

This type of decoration surely has assets to offer you. If you are like our loyal customers convinced of this personalized decoration in metal support, then discover all its master cards here.

Creation from photos or ideas of customers

To achieve our goal, we decided to “collaborate” with our customers by creating metallic wall decorations from their own photos or ideas. This option allows them to have an interior in their image, and thus create an atmosphere according to their own style.

The use of a metal support

The personalized wall decor is fashioned on a metal stand. And as you well know, this material is very popular for its chic look and for its robust appearance. By entrusting us with the realization of your personalized metal decoration, be sure to obtain a solid, resistant and durable object.

Unique style decoration

Nothing more original than a metal decoration to express your personality and all your desires. By placing this metallic work of art on the wall, you are choosing a unique and singular decor, which changes overly classic wall paintings.

Personalized metal decoration: to decorate which space ?

All the rooms in the house deserve a personalized metal decoration. The living room, the bedroom, the wet rooms to passageways such as the entrance hall and the hallway, they have an original and warm look with the metal work of art.

In addition to the home, workplaces are also getting a facelift with this personalized decor. This time, you can choose your favorite motto or why not a quote that will motivate you in your work ?

And if you are organizing a special event, such as a birthday, a wedding or a baptism for example, you can adorn the space by putting a personalized metal wall decoration on the walls. The party place is adorned with a modern and sublime appearance with metal objects. They will surely attract the attention of all your guests who will be happy to admire this decor full of refinement. During the party, they will not hesitate to read the ideas, quotes or sentences written on the metal stand.

How is your order processed on Artwall and Co

We carry out all your orders in our own workshop. After receiving your sentences or ideas online, we send you an overview of what your new metal decoration will be, with its size and design.

Your confirmation will allow our craftsmen to start the work. After 3 weeks of waiting, you will finally receive your order at home, well packaged in its package. How to set up your metal wall decoration?

A fastening system is already integrated on each metal object. You can fix it right away after preparing your space. To enhance the elegance of the metal (black in color), we recommend that you place the object on a plain or light-colored wall.