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Wood wall decoration city map

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City wood decoration: Plans of the most beautiful cities in design wall decoration

Discover this collection of wooden city maps for your wood wall decoration with a 3D effect. If you want to create an original interior or just a souvenir of your favorite city or capital, these geo-map decorations will be the perfect piece! Roads, highways, rivers, streets ... And many other details are present to remind you of your fondest memories or simply as a gift. The color and the quality of the hand treatment of the wood allows you to have a quality finish and different tones according to the city maps.

Each wooden city plan decoration contains the name of the city as well as its geographical coordinates at the bottom of the frame. Delivery is completely free for these sculptures throughout mainland France and Belgium. You can also customize your own wooden city map according to your wishes.


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We immerse ourselves in a new world where everything is charm and fascination. The wooden decoration is the master of the place here to reveal its atypical and original trait to us. Wood, this noble and incomparable material, makes it possible to shape unique and singular decorative objects. In this category, it is used to reveal maps of famous cities which will become pretty decorative frames to display on the walls.

Tokyo, Philadelphia, Washington DC or New York, discover these popular cities in the form of wall frames on wooden supports.

The great cities of the world as you've never seen them!

It is true that we are not all travelers and globetrotters who travel the world. But by opting for these popular towns in the form of wall frames, it is as if we are discovering these towns in another way. The wooden support is one of the major assets of the frames because it offers a beautiful 3D effect allowing to have a global view of the plan of each city: streets, highways, rivers and rivers, geographical coordinates, ...

The wooden material also has a very minimalist touch that decorates the walls with refinement. For the executives, they offer different colors in order to better distinguish the various elements of the city:

  • The natural color of the wood to mark the general plan of the city
  • Blue for the bodies of water
  • Gray and white to accentuate houses and buildings
  • A little touch of black for other elements like factories, parks, empty spaces, etc.

Your favorite city as a wall frame

No matter where you live, there is always a place that you love to visit someday. And who knows! Maybe you have had the chance to visit it before. Either way, our selection of wooden wall frames allows you to show everyone which city in the world you want to visit.

European capitals

We open the list of maps of famous cities by European capitals. Wooden wall frames depicting the splendor and vastness of these localities await you in our store. From London to Barcelona via Amsterdam, these capitals invite themselves on your walls to bring renewal to your decoration. Every detail is visible on the frame: buildings, the river crossing the city, bridges, ports and homes.

Cities of the United States

With our wooden city wall decorations, one step is enough to cross the Atlantic Ocean and reach America. Here you have a choice of major popular cities in the United States, such as New York, Washington DC, Philadelphia or Boston. Even if you're not there, these popular towns take you to the heart of the fun and frenzy for which they are known.

The major Asian metropolises

If Europe and the USA are not for you, you always have the chance to visit Asian countries through our wooden wall frames. Among the major Asian cities on offer, you have Tokyo, the capital of Japan. The grandeur of this city is no longer to present, not to mention its infrastructure and its architectural riches.

Where to install your wooden city map board?

The first question that arises when you see a wall chart is: where am I going to put it? This is not a trivial question since the choice of the place to put the frame is a very important criterion. If you are lacking inspiration, we have the solution for you: install a wooden wall frame in every room of the house.

The living room is the main room to be decorated, then the parents' and children's bedrooms. Other models will be welcome on the hallway walls or in the dining room.

For the living room, the idea is to select your favorite city from our collections, and establish the frame on the walls of that room. Its presence will bring a real change to the decoration. In other words, it is a real invitation to travel and escape.

A wooden city frame in the children's room is a better option to enrich their geography lessons. This setting makes it possible to decorate the room while arousing their curiosity on the geographical level of the city. And for the parents' bedroom, the city setting will be able to give an idea of ​​the next vacation destinations. For better harmony, it is best to install large paintings in the main rooms of the house. The medium dimensions are intended for the walls of the corridors or the entrance hall.