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Contemporary art photographs : Photographs of artists on aluminum deco

Considered an art in its own right photography has entered galleries to offer the public a new support and new vision on the world for our greatest happiness. We have selected for you and with our artists, unique and original works in limited editions nowhere else to be found. From bright colours to the deepest black and white, travel with us! Photographic treatment and top quality will make of these works a master piece in your decoration.


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Art photography : a unique and qualitative wall decoration

Fine art photography has become a classic for contemporary interior design. Artistic photography, not to use an abbreviation in the name. As a picture is worth a thousand words, it is a very popular decor to give a special atmosphere to your apartment. So with this kind of painting you really say a lot about yourself.

Fine art photography : A modern touch in your interior

If the photo saw the light of day at the end of the 19th century, the artistic style experienced a great leap in the 1950s. The rules gradually appeared, the devices improved ...

The photo : a classic of modern decor

Since the late 1800s, photography has become central to interior design. The family photo or the grandfather, that of the children when they were little or that of the parents' wedding. In the modern world, this wall decoration has become stylized, acquired a new medium and, above all, offers a variety of themes.

Fine art photography : an artistic touch highly prized for modernity

The fine art photo is an image that inspires and makes you travel. The image represented is a bridge between the imaginary and the real. The artistic touch can show symmetry or on the contrary the abstract, depending on the photographer's wishes. In any case, the photo is a scene, a spectacle.

Amaze visitors with your fine art photo

The decoration operations always aim to bring personality to your interior. When a visitor comes into your home, he always asks questions about your story, about the meaning of each element of your decor. Fine art photography is made to tickle the imagination, show that you have taste, and add a more mysterious or enigmatic atmosphere.

Various subjects of fine art photography at Artwall and Co

Art photography is a subject in its own right at Artwall and Co. The reason is that this subject deals with several different themes. There is something for all tastes and for all wallets.

Nature and its beauty in fine art photography

The nature art photo is still so striking in its beauty. The lines and contours of a leaf, the arrangement of each flower petal ... the quality of modern images makes it possible to show plants or animals from another angle, thanks to the magnification. A simple rose or the monstera leaf becomes a spectacle in its own right that deserves our attention.

City and landscape photos at Artwall and Co

The prospect of a city seen from afar is always striking. The line of buildings, the light or the arrangement of the windows, depending on whether it is day or night. Art photography of city is always a spectacle that sublimates our interior when used as a wall decoration. As if we were creating a window to a world.

The improbable and artistic photo

When we talk about fine art photography, we can't overlook surreal overlays. Artwall and Co offers you a few. Sometimes it's a note of humor or just pop art. Regardless, the important thing is to sublimate the wall to give it an unusual side that defies all logic.

How to showcase your fine art photo

Of course, you are not going to put your fine art photo on just any medium. It should be highlighted as much as possible. A good location guarantees a successful and very chic decor. Artwall and Co gives you all the tips for installing it.

The placement of your fine art photo in the apartment

The fine art photo is a decorative element that can be placed in various places in a room. The one you can order from Artwall and Co is printed on aluminum foil. It can therefore be placed on a piece of furniture leaning against the wall.

A wall decoration like a decorative painting

The classic strategy is to use the fine art photo as a wall decoration. This is very useful when the dimensions are generous, allowing it to be seen from all parts of the room. Like a decorative painting, it shows its theme in view of the visitor. The trick is to put the light directed at the artwork to sublimate it.

The modern fixation on the art photo of Artwall and Co

The fine art photo you order from Artwall and Co appropriates your interior with its practicality. The aluminum sheet comes with a fastening system that allows it to hang securely on any type of surface. The only requirement is to thoroughly clean the wall to be decorated.

Aluminum as a support for fine art photography

A work in its own right, Artwall and Co has chosen to print these original visuals on aluminum. Ideal for a quality rendering, it gives you lightness and vibrant colors. This support comes with its attachment system so that all you have to do is put your fine art photo and contemplate it from your living room.

Finish it off with the wall decorations you see everywhere and dare to take a photo art!