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Sport art pictures : Modern wall decoration on aluminium

Artwall and Co proposes a collection of sport art photos to bring energy to your walls ! In various dimensions theses photos on aluminium will make you discover extreme sports like sailing, skiing, snowboard and many others to decorate your home in style. From snow-capped mountains to the waves of the Mediterranean Sea our sport wall decorations gather many fields and our professional photographers take great pains to reveal the details. Each sport art photo will take you from your sitting room to…


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Good news for sports lovers. In addition to our sports collections on printed canvas or wall painting, our designers compete for originality by affixing photos of a tennis player, a figure skater or even a motorcycle race on aluminum, the new support essential for works of art worthy of galleries. This modern wall decoration deserves its place on a corner of your wall. We give you the reasons.

Art photography and sport

A photo contains countless stories, adventures and adventures. If a photo ends up hanging on the wall, it is of great value to the owner. Sport is part of our daily life.

An experience that the designers want to exhibit and affix to a high quality photograph. A decoration that will happily leave its mark on our walls. The professionalism of our photographers is reflected in each print, because sports photography requires great precision, finesse and concentration. All this, to give a good dose of dynamism to your interior.

A collection of aluminum wall decoration that will spoil sports fans

In category

Our special sport album will delight athletes, because all categories are included. Our photographers study every angle of the sports field to give different atmospheres to each given photo. The world of football is celebrated by its stars, but the excitement of the fans is also captured to be immobilized.

Whether cycling, boxing, rowing or swimming, all endurance sports photos will brighten up your interior. If you are looking for a more calming atmosphere, opt for the collection of dance art photos where the majestic postures of the dancers ensure a zen atmosphere and well-being. These are, of course, just a few examples from our various shots. Browse them without moderation to find your favorite.

In style

Our artists have also thought about the styles of sports art photos that will dress your walls. A whole range of sports photos for each room style. The juggling of colors also allows for different atmospheres. Thus, the sepia fine art photo of a racing circuit, once immortalized on an aluminum stand, brings out the vintage and old side.

Black and white sports art photos are a perfect blend of traditional style, but also contemporary. This beautiful contrast gives you a wider field in terms of appearance. Take a tour of our gallery for inspiration. You will come out full of ideas with our art sports photos signed by our artists.

The time-defying quality of our fine art photos

Aluminum turns out to be the medium par excellence in terms of photography. Why ? Because from design to finish, everything is studied down to the millimeters to produce paintings of extreme beauty.

If this support is known for its resistance to water and light, it is because it is made of polyethylene surrounded by two layers of aluminum. Regarding printing, it is done directly on the plate, which promotes brilliance and color fixation. Each sports art photo will thus have an optimal lifespan.

The originality lies mainly in the finish. Between a metallic or semi-matte finish, the result will be more than singular and modern.

A wall decoration indoors and outdoors

Anything is possible with a sports art photo wall decoration on aluminum. If previously the mount limited the space to decorate, know that now you might think of placing a sports art photo in your exterior protected by a photo treatment.

The aluminum stand is sturdy, but still very light. The color impression is asserted with unparalleled clarity. Thus, the photo of your favorite basketball team will easily dress the wall of an office, but also a rooftop. Better yet, hang a sports art photo in the bathroom as well as in the toilet.

Wide choice in size and shape of art photo

Our aim is to fulfill your decorative whims. Our team multiplies your choices when making your sports art photos on aluminum. This gives you different dimensions ranging from the smallest size, perfect for decorating the hallway wall, for example, up to size XL, for a wide wall like that of the living room or the lobby of a hotel. We also provide you with a variety of shapes: square, round or rectangle, in portrait or in landscape. By clicking on the predefined sizes, you will have a preview of the final rendering of your painting on aluminum. Our collection of fine art sports photos are just waiting for you. We assure you a delivery within two weeks of your order. We also take care of your painting with reinforced packaging to minimize the risk of damage