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Animal art photo : Modern and nature on aluminium frame

Our animal photos category proposes shots in limited series of animals at their best. Mixing nature and design this animal photos collection is printed on “dibon” aluminium for a top-of-the-range finish in your home decoration. Cats, tigers, elephants and many other animals wait for you in these modern canvases. Our professional artists have been around the world to take unique and original shots of these animals to create unique moments to share on a wall decoration.


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Anyone with a keen eye for fashion knows that a wall decoration without a quirky touch is not. And this is achieved through the wild nature where animals are king through natural art photographs. On aluminum, the rendering is even more breathtaking. You will be faced with a more than realistic photo artwork of an animal.

When photographers immortalize animals

Taking a picture of an animal is quite difficult, as you can't force them to freeze or lie down to get the perfect image. The photographer has to adapt to the surroundings of his lens to capture the right moment. This expertise is reflected in all the shots that you will find in our special animal photo art album.

Familiarize yourself with the symbolism of each animal which each brings their own different atmosphere to your interior. Feel the energy and ferocity of a art photo frame of a lion, an eagle or a tiger in your decor. Soak up the freedom of birds, bees or even dragonflies frozen just as they take flight.

Aluminum at the heart of the wall decoration revolution

One discovery that designers use to their heart's content is aluminum. A flexible and docile material, which retains the detail in the print colors of each photo. The goal ? It's about keeping the beauty of the original film both in color and resolution.

As all of our photos are HD quality, technicians print them directly onto the aluminum plate. The thin aluminum plates that enclose the polyethylene ensure the durability of animal art photos. Your wall decoration will follow you for long and long years without the colors being faded.

Some tips for choosing your animal art photo on aluminum

Art photography of animals has something for every style. If you get lost, orient your search according to the decor of your room. If you are considering, on the contrary, a total makeover, it will be even easier, because it leaves you more possibilities in your choice.

For a tropical atmosphere, opt for art photos of zebra, giraffe or why not rhino. If you want to keep the vibe understated and subdued, zigzag between the black and white animal art photos. A room with a photo of a deer, a flamingo or cute puppies will give way to a zen and relaxing atmosphere.

For a Brazilian feel, choose from art photos of anaconda, macaw, or toucan. The aluminum support allows you to choose two types of finish: metallic or semi-matt. For each finish, the rendering will be different, but the quality always remains the same.

The location of your animal art photo on aluminum

First of all, know that a photo on aluminum is resistant to UV rays, but also to humidity. Its waterproofness allows you to hang your animal art photo either indoors or on the wall of a living room or dining room, but also in the bathroom or in the toilet. Either outside protected, under a balcony or terrace.

When it comes to installation, you're spoiled for choice. Play with the juxtaposition in image, shape and size on the wall of your living room or bedroom. A wide wall allows you to opt for a panoramic format, XXL size to admire all the detailed beauty of your favorite animal. A more discreet size would suit the hallway wall or the toilet. While a round shaped animal art photo could give your room a cocooning feel.

And finally, hooks are already included with your art photo, but it's up to you which system is more suitable for your decoration.

Care advice for your animal art photo on aluminum

Animal art photography on aluminum is easy to maintain. Although it is a sturdy and unbreakable material, dust can still collect in it. Dust off with just a cotton cloth or a dry feather duster. This will prevent scratches. Also wear a glove before cleaning to leave no fingerprints. Use a damp cloth only for more stubborn stains.

Although the aluminum print is resistant to moisture, rub the photo gently. Finally, avoid spraying cleaning product which may affect the quality of the colors. Whatever animal art photo you choose, on the aluminum support, it will enhance your room and be the object of your guests' envy. Your wall will be refreshed with a design refreshed by an animal at the heart of your decoration.