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Fashion art photo : Design frame on aluminium

For the aficionados and fashion lovers, this art photo collection is made for you. Coloured, design and contemporary are the keywords of our fashion photos that will give you the best of this off-the-wall and unique world. From the portrait to larger shots this collection in limited edition will bring a particular emotion in your home decoration and will brighten your room. These modern canvases are original. Each artist photo is taken by a professional photographer who tries hard to bring a touch of design to his creation.


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Good news for fashionistas, fashion comes in fine art photography on aluminum. Art, luxury and trends combine to provide contemporary and original decoration. A design that will be instantly refreshed by the beauty of these fashion art photographs.

When fashion comes to wall decorations

Fashion is divinely illustrated in photos to dress the walls. With our collection of fashionable aluminum art, the taste for luxury is transmitted through prints fresh from our professional photo lab.

In addition, our workshop brings together expert and emerging photographers, who know how to draw all the potential of a subject. This know-how is reflected in a wide range of categories, just for this collection of fashion art. All this to allow you to satisfy your thirst for decoration, always on the lookout for the latest trends.

Fashion in all its glory

The world of fashion stands out in your wall decoration. Our editorial team offers you a whole range of fashion art photos. All were particularly well by watchful eyes at the slightest bit of cheese. The timeless monochrome photography is still among the most popular. The naked art photo of a woman, that of a sailboat sailing in the open sea, or of the city of Paris, the capital of fashion.

All these black and white illustrations will help beautify your interior. We cannot talk about fashion without integrating the precursors! Our photographs are inspired by the products of these big brands such as this Prada, Chanel or Dior art photo and there is everything: luxury watches, diamonds, perfumes, but also highlighted hats. Our photographic artists dedicate an entire album for collectors. Photos of vintage cars or motorcycles taken on all levels, clichés affixed to aluminum intended to design your walls.

A multitude of choices according to your style of decoration

Fashion goes hand in hand with wall ornamentation. All the original works in limited edition guarantee you a luxurious decoration, which can easily be combined with any type of style. The gold-dominated fine art photos worked with black give a vintage look.

Photos of fashion icons like Marylin Monroe or Audrey Hepburn provide a nice contrast with contemporary styles. Fashion is also expressed in pop art, abstract art and more, for those who love to add color to their living spaces.

If you want to keep an old style, we work with specialized photographs in the field to always bring out a retro side, but modernized by the aluminum support. With our range, be sure to always stay trendy and stylish in terms of decoration.

The design of a fashion fine art photo on aluminum

Fashion artist-photographers use 3D software to bring out the sparkle and beauty in every print. The high end is obtained by printing directly on the aluminum plate, without the need for photo paper. This medium further promotes visual quality with a brighter finish and firmer colors.

Working on the aluminum plate requires a lot of precision, but the final result is worth it. Thin, sturdy and light, all its character leads designers to adopt this revolutionary photo support in decoration. A layer of propylene, covered with a fortified aluminum plate for the life of the fine art photos.

Once the printing inks permeate the aluminum foil, they exhibit great resistance to sunlight but also to moisture. This makes it possible to hang fashionable fine art photos indoors or out protected, both in an office and in the bathroom.

Various and varied shapes and sizes for our art photos

The specificity of aluminum as a photo support allows it to expand into different dimensions. The photographs also use specific material in order to keep the original resolutions of the prints, even in large format. So you could make your dream of having the panoramic photo of your Harley Davidson filling the wall of the living come true.

Moreover, you can juxtapose the different shapes showing various fine art photos in mode to have a 3D effect. From the bedroom to the kitchen, including the terrace, amaze your guests with your passion for fashion, taking inspiration from our collection.

Carefully packaged to reach you intact, each fashion art-photography on aluminum is luxuriously required in any room to refresh. A wall work that is out of the ordinary to become the centerpiece of your decor.