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Modern Oil Painting

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Modern wall art oil painting canvas : Hand painted frame for your wall decoration

Should you wish for an off-the-wall decoration with explosive colors and symbolic… Then come and see our modern oil paintings canvases collection ! Theses deco canvases are hand-painted by our artists on a quality support for a longer lasting life. With real brush strokes these design oil paintings canvases will bring relief to your wall decoration while integrating a touch of originality. The perfect art object for a white wall, discover our modern and pop art oil painting canvases collection to enhance your home in style! Delivered on wood frames with hanging system. All you have to do is hang these contemporary paintings up and contemplate the works of art.


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Choose your modern painting

The logic of modern wall decoration follows very selective canons. Especially when it comes to a painting art. We must identify colors, follow a theme and impose a particular atmosphere. On Artwall and Co, the artists are guided by their inspirations to offer you unique works capable of impregnating your interior with a truly modern touch.

The advantages of modern painting in contemporary decor

The modern painting by Artwall and Co is a must have from scratch when it comes to decorating a white wall. It brings a warm, personalized side and above all it gives a sought-after look.

A painting with strong symbolism

The modern painting is a living canvas, with a strong symbolism: modernity. Painters design shows on a medium of exceptional quality. This brings liveliness to the decorative atmosphere of your interior.

The explosive colors and the modernity of a painting

The intense emotional beauty brought by modernity is transmitted through colors. Most of the colors immediately cause sympathy when observed. The intensity of the contrasts and the pictorial arrangement allow art to be expressed in a modern way to fit in with the contemporary interior environment.

A decorative frame handcrafted by artists from Artwall and Co

The modern oil painting is a wall ornament that is handcrafted. It is not a printed poster that is digitally produced. It is a real human work that invites itself into your interior to bring warmth and personality.

Presentation of the different styles of modern painting

Artwall and Co presents different styles of modern art painting. What do they have in common? An artisanal frame and an irreproachable quality in the presentation.

A brushstroke that gives relief: figures of style

The modern painting is particularly appreciated by those who like the contemporary artistic expression. This kind of brushstroke gives relief to your walls. You can find totally abstract designs with trendy geometric lines or original interpretations of modern art.

Contemporary works of art

Contemporary paintings are among the bestsellers of Artwall and Co. An elephant or a painting parrot can become very personalized subjects. The artist's brush brings a unique and authentic touch that allows you to stand out in your decor.

The characters in decorative painting

Very often used in the pop-art movement, the famous characters are in the spotlight in this collection of paintings. So you can find Chaplin, Hendrix or Marilyn Monroe in artist paintings.

How to install the modern painting table in your interior

If you are not a DIY enthusiast and you cannot put a nail on the walls, Artwall and Co make your life easier. Wall ornaments like the modern painting come with accessories to hang them easily.

A clean, well-cleared wall

For the modern painting on canvas to be well suited to an artistic expression worthy of the name, the wall must be clean and smooth to receive the decor that suits it.

A modern painting frame with suitable hanging

Modern painting has its own hanging system. This allows a secure and perfectly aesthetic fixing.

How to choose your modern painting on the wall

There are many themes treated by our artists on Artwall and Co. You do not know which one to choose? Follow the guide to get an idea of ​​what suits your interior.

Choose the original key that suits you

The modern painting frame offers a plethora of artistic possibilities. All the themes are treated to suit all tastes. On Artwall and Co, you have the choice of colors and themes. Single or multi-panel, the fabrics are suitable for all environments.

The ideal modern painting for your room

The modern wall painting is a particularly ideal wall decoration in the living room. His aura lights up the room with his colors. The walls come to life and dress the place elegantly.

Large size painting

If you have a large white wall, do not hesitate to choose a modern polyptych. These multi-panel paintings are ideal for covering the entire width of your interior.

How is your modern painting picture packaged and shipped on Artwall and Co

The life of your modern painting begins with the brushstroke of the artist, then continues with the assembly with the frame. But that's not all ! There are other steps before you receive your work

Choose and order your modern painting

The know-how and the inspired talent of the artists give very ornamental images for the walls of an apartment or a house. But to complete this, you need a setting as elegant as it is magnificent to highlight the works.

Arrival of your order

Your modern painting is presented in a reinforced cardboard to fully secure it. It is also covered with bubble wrap which protects the colors and the frame during delivery.