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Limited edition art photo: Frames on aluminum in a design version

Pop art, Artists Street Art and unique brushstrokes ... Find the most famous works of art and artists of this world in a selection of art photo printed on aluminum for a high-end finish ! Delivered with their certificate of authenticity and their specific numbering, these photos of modern art and pop art will allow you to have a unique work to decorate your living room or your apartment. Each aluminum photo frame comes with its fixings to simplify your installation.


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The creations do not cease to dazzle the world of wall decoration. Our artists have created for you, photography enthusiasts, original works printed on aluminum. Photography being a decorative art in its own right, we have featured your favorite heroes, artists, athletes or brands. Do you like to collect? Discover with us our photo art collections on aluminum.

Art photo in collector's version

Our entire collector’s photo collection was produced in small numbers. The frame in this category were designed for art collectors. If you decide to grab it, there is little chance you will find it in other homes.

Your favorite artist in fine art photography

Gone are the days of posters that defined your adolescence and your youth, now it's time for real works of art that highlight your favorite artists. Our artists meet your expectations and have created photo frame for you bearing the effigy of the singer or actor you love. And moreover, in collector's version, the photos were printed in limited edition, especially for you.

Your super hero hanging on your wall

You can fully display the love you have for your superhero. From pop art to modern art, dress up your wall with Captain America in art, Batman or even The Flash. The world of superheroes is no longer just for the little ones; bedroom, living room and office can proudly accommodate these works. These design photo frame on aluminum, combined with contemporary furniture, will bring a colorful and childish touch to your room. What is certain is that these works will not go unnoticed by your guests. They combine reality with fiction, making an imagined world appear in the real world.

Racing enthusiasts, your marks on aluminum canvas

Harley Davidson in fine art photography, Ferrari, Porsche, do these brands speak to you? Well, know that it is now possible for you to decorate the rooms of your interior with them. Your brands follow you into your stay. Our most seasoned artists have drawn inspiration from it and dedicated an entire collection.

You will find them in the form of designer photo wall art, in pop art or contemporary art. The high end has never been so represented, so much our works are creative and attentive to detail. Mounted on aluminum, the graphic rendering is exceptional. The robustness of aluminum blends perfectly with the mechanical power of these road cars. Dare to reveal to your guests who you really are, they will only be captivated by it.

Aluminum as a support for these frames

Material of choice, we have adopted aluminum as a support for our artist photos. And rightly so, aluminum is rigid, resistant and timeless. Aluminum is suitable for indoor as well as outdoor exhibitions. You won't have to worry about inclement weather anymore. Our photos printed on aluminum stand the test of time.

In addition, aluminum is ideal for large format prints. On this exceptional medium, the rendering of colors and graphics is breathtaking. The photo print on aluminum respects the pigmentation of colored nuances, giving white its luminous shine, red its passionate color and green its refreshing quality.

Easy to maintain tables

Photo art on aluminum do not require special maintenance. The quality of the print is such that no further processing is required once the canvas is installed in your home. You just need a dry cloth and remove any dust.

This type of table does not require the use of cleaning products. On the contrary, it is not recommended to rub them with a damp cloth or one soaked in products, this risks degrading the anti-UV protection with which they are provided.

Tables that hang easily

Our art photo are easy to hang. To hang them, you just have to choose among the different types of hooks that the market offers: concrete points, X hook, Swedish hook ... but we recommend the adhesive hook. The latter does not require any drilling and therefore saves you from damaging your wall.

But before fixing your masterpiece, find the right place: lit to showcase the canvas and far enough away from hot springs, such as the fireplace, so as not to tarnish the printing ink. However, we do offer a hanger kit that you can use if needed.