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Grégory BERBEN

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Modern Artist Grégory Berben
Gregory BERBEN was born in Cannes (France) in 1974. This plastic painter artist has followed an unusual career. A professional in sports for about 12 years he juggled two careers before dedicating himself entirely to art in 2009.Booming, lively and intense his street art works travel the world…Gregory BERBEN brings back to life old street posters that he redirects, cuts up, tears and get together again in original collages. He finds his inspiration in the street, newspapers, every  day life caught in instantaneous flashes on luminous, funny pop art colored canvases
Paintings where matter is a song to images and texts put together in giant puzzles in an organized happy disorder! A real meticulous work mixing acrylic, marker pen and collages, each canvas is an invitation to dreams where the images speak for themselves and play with our eyes, urging us to find links to a greater depth…The artist’s studio, supported by the city of Cannes, is in the historic district of the Suquet in Cannes and can be visited but only on appointment.


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