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Wood Wall Decoration

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Wood wall decoration: Trophies, frames and wood wall decor

Discover our design wood wall decorations collections ! Entirely hand made these design wall decorations show you animal heads in very different styles: Origami wall decoration, animal heads wall trophies. If you wish to bring a touch of design to your home, these animal wall decorations help you integrate horses, pandas and, deer heads…and many others in unique lounge or bedroom decorations.  Play with originality with our Artwall and Co wall decorations and our different collections mixing some modern aspect with a touch of nature for your home. Stay in the trend with these high quality animal wood decorations created by our artists with an attention to detail for each animal. All of these contemporary wall decorations are delivered free in metropolitan France and Belgium.


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Choose your wood wall decoration on Artwall and Co

Wood is the ultimate decorative element in a modern environment. Before, he also composed the exterior, but the concreteization of the urban environment got the better of him in the city. On the other hand, inside, it is making a strong comeback as a piece of furniture. But its variation in artistic object is more and more popular. A subject in its own right that we present to you at Artwall and Co.

The advantages of a wooden wall decoration

Obviously, this attraction of the trend has a very specific reason. The beauty of the material has always fascinated designers and artists. Here are the advantages of a wooden wall decoration.

A warm material for modern wall decor

If there is one main advantage to wood, it is its warmth. Its color and texture are comforting, especially when left natural. It is easy to match it with an interior design that already contains the same material.

An artistic touch in your apartment

As is the case with stone or even metal, wood can coat and transmit this artistic touch in its presentation. This is an ideal asset when it comes to adding personality to your layout. The artists of Artwall and Co transform this material into a decorative and inspiring element.

A unique and personalized element

The biggest advantage of wood is that each piece is unique, having its own personality and distinctive lines. It differs from metal by its appearance, as well as from paper for its strength.

The ease of maintenance of the wooden wall decoration

A wooden wall decoration is also easy to maintain. Wood holds in time and you just need to dust it to restore its shine. Especially since at Artwall and Co, it is treated and sanded for a more refined look.

Artwall and Co and its various wooden wall art

Of course, depending on the artist or designer, the work may look different from others. At the same time, the treated theme can more or less match a specific type of decoration.

The themes treated by the artists of Artwall and Co

They are diverse, for all tastes and all types of interiors. The decoration must fit into the spirit of the place, which is why Artwall and Co offers such a variety of different styles in its collection of wooden wall decoration.

The wooden world map

The wooden world map is a current bestseller. The contemporary decor trend has taken hold of the world map to make it a very fashionable ornament. It appeals to globetrotters at heart by displaying all possible destinations on earth.

An example with our essential 3D wooden world map.

Ornaments with a very designer style

We mainly know wood in its use as a frame. For a painting or a canvas. But here he is part of the work itself. A feather or a puma, a wolf or a dream catcher, wood can be transformed according to the wishes of the sculptor. Here are the different types of wood decoration that you can find:

  • Wood animal trophy: Flat or in 3D to assemble yourself, these decorations consist of all the animals for natural inspiration.
  • Wall art on pallets: Boho-inspired, these works are made by our artists with a design touch.
  • Black wood decoration: Hand painted and with unique representations, these frames give you a glimpse of the latest trends.
  • Wooden world map: From the geometric version to the 3D version of a planisphere, discover our world maps in wood deco for your interior

Which wood wall decoration to choose for your interior ?

Wood also has the advantage of being suitable for all types of interiors, whether modern or vintage. On the wall, it's strategic, setting the tone and mood for the rest of the room. Artwall and Co always offers a shape that appeals to the eye, which allows to offer you a completely personalized ornament.

Set up your wood wall decoration

To properly set up your wall decoration, you must start by arranging the space. Preparing the place that will host the wall decoration is essential for it to perform its role well.

Clear space around your wooden wall decoration

Your wooden wall decoration can become the centerpiece of a section of the wall, or even of the room. For this, the place where it will have to be hung is to be well prepared to showcase the ornament in question.

Prepare the ground for your wooden decoration

Cleaning may be necessary, for as clean an effect as possible. A white or solid color wall is strongly recommended, especially for wall decorations with lines and contrasts. This underlines the design and sublimates the presentation.