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Couleur Trophée Papier

Couleur Trophée Papier



Paper wall trophy

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Design paper trophies : DIY paper wall decoration

When design and creativity come as one … As always trendy and into design wall decorations, Artwall and Co proposes you unique animal heads wall trophies ! Find a whole collection of paper animals with the heads of stags, elephants, lions, and even dinosaurs, for you to create.  Those paper contemporary wall trophies will bring relief to your interior decoration while illuminating your walls with really original colours and to your own liking. You can put together several design wall paper decorations using your imagination and creativity to make up your dream interior. No particular skill is required to put together the different paper animal wall trophies. Those paper wall decorations are delivered free in metropolitan France and Belgium.


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Your paper wall trophy Artwall and Co version

An animal head in the living room ? A medieval style you would be tempted to say. But with Artwall and Co, it's a whole different dimension of this kind of wall trophy that is exploited. Indeed, it is the paper that is the king. Angularly shaped to form busts, this gives a special ornament that will please nature lovers.

The design paper trophy : a classic revisited by Artwall and Co

What was a barbaric act inspired a new kind of wall decoration. Animals yes, but in paper. It's classier, and a lot less archaic.

Hunting trophies as a living room decoration

In ancient times, the heads of wild animals adorned the living room. It was a symbol of success and bravery. But hunting is not what it was a few centuries ago. The animals are protected and our diet has evolved.

Paper decoration on Artwall and Co

Still, the style stuck. It must be said that the symbolism of each animal can give a particular atmosphere in the room. The goal is to give volume, to have personality, and above all to decorate. Which is perfectly possible with paper

Volume and colorful inspiration as a wall decoration

The advantage is that you can let your imagination run wild. Artwall and Co artists challenge nature in their own way. This makes it possible to create an unusual and personalized trophy that is suitable for use as a contemporary wall decoration.

The different shapes that we can have on Artwall and Co

There are the shapes, but also the colors. On Artwall and Co, you can find everything, you just have to choose and order.

Animals as a wall trophy

The wall decoration at Artwall and Co always has this modern and contemporary artistic touch. Ideal to marry with a sophisticated and geometric arrangement. It is in this perspective that the animals are represented, with geometric faces. As if the shapes were cut with a knife.

An adventure in fairy tales

To accentuate the artistic value, the imagination of the observer is awakened. The improbable made possible by the artist's inspiration. You can order on Artwall and Co a pink rhino or a blue deer with red horns. If you want you can even have unicorns !

A wall ornament that is becoming very trendy

The paper wall trophy is very trendy for several reasons. Its price is affordable, because of the raw material and the shaping which is less expensive than if we worked with metal or wood. It is light, easy to move and easy to install.

You can also find a whole range of paper world maps to give a touch of adventure to your interior.

How to hang your paper wall trophy

A wall decoration should always be hung. Don't worry about it, Artwall and Co has thought about you who are no handyman. No more hammer and nails are needed to place your wall trophy!

A trendy decorative piece that sits high up

This kind of decoration must take pride of place. Like a painting or a map of the world, it needs to be visible from all over the room to be in focus. Besides, it is a trophy that has a place of honor, be proud to show it to everyone.

The best place for a paper wall trophy

As in ancient times, your trophy can be placed in the living room. It will bring a warm atmosphere. Of course, the theme is also perfect for a nursery, thanks to the vivid colors and imaginary beings that may appeal to younger generations.

Artwall and Co tips for hanging your paper trophy

The paper trophy has the advantage of being light and easy to handle. It can be hung up easily with an adhesive clip available on the DIY market. A nail may also suffice, but this is sometimes prohibited in some apartments. Artwall and Co offers you its own fastening system which allows you to easily attach your wall decoration.

How is the delivery of your paper wall decoration ?

Artwall and Co has planned everything so that you receive a package in good condition and within the shortest possible time. Above all, it should be noted that your order is made in accordance with all the rules of the art.

The wrapping of your paper wall trophy

Your paper trophy must keep its original shape to ensure an impeccable aesthetic on the wall. This is why your package is placed in a reinforced pouch, which allows everything to be preserved in good conditions.

A totally secure order on Artwall and Co

Make your purchases in complete safety on Artwall and Co. The chosen payment platforms are fully recognized and secure to protect your personal and banking data.