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Metal Wall Decoration

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Metal wall decoration : Metallic wall art for design interior

Dare metal with our design wall decorations from our creators ! Artwall and Co proposes you a modern and in the times collection of metal wall decorations to create following your inspirations an interior of your own. If you are looking for a contemporary metal wall decoration, those design works will perfectly suit your home or apartment.

Entirely hand made these design animal heads that include world maps in modern metal wall decoration will take you in different worlds with a unique style. We also propose as metal wall decorations quotations about love, life, family… but also original and shock sentences to bring energy to your interior ! Drawing on our expertise, all our metal wall decorations are of superior quality to bring you long lasting products.


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When you say "wall decoration", you probably think first of all about a painting on canvas, a painting with an elegant frame, or a wall poster with an inspiring image. Of course, there is all this at Artwall and Co, the specialist site for modern interior design. But if you are looking for modernity, innovative design and contemporary art, you will choose a metal wall decoration.

The advantages of a metal wall decoration in your home

The metal wall ornaments have their own special features for your home decor. Modernity requires customizable and flexible materials.

An art quite modern and contemporary: the metal wall art decoration

The success of the metal wall decoration is especially in its aspect quite contemporary and modern. Metalwork is not new in interior design. But we are more used to seeing furniture or doors.

When designers touch metal to decorate your home

Thanks to the properties of metal, designers can give free rein to their imagination. Drawing, writing ... everything is possible, so that the material is very appreciated by the artists. This gives beautiful and original works that come to bring the stamp to your wall.

The solidity and aesthetics of metal in interior decoration

As a wall decoration, metal has some advantages over other conventional raw materials. It is much stronger and stiffer than canvas or wood. It is easy to clean in case of dust. In addition, its life is infinite which makes it a timeless decor.

Figures on metallic wall art decorations

What are the possibilities with metal ? What themes can be treated with this raw material ?

The subject of all inspirations

Metal is at the heart of a very trendy decorative concept with regard to the modern interior. The creations go in all directions, be it abstract art where you have to take a step back to admire, or a more natural vision.

Metal wall art decoration formats

If the metal is used today in wall decoration, it can adopt the same format of the other types of ornaments on vertical plane. To return to a more traditional aspect, Artwall and Co adopts the same dimensions as other types of wall decoration: poster, printed canvas, painting ... You can find different collections according to our inspirations:

  • Metal wall art nature : An example with our exotic leaf decoration
  • Metal wall art animals : These trophies are ultra trends and we offer several variations such as these metal birds in full flight
  • Metal decoration quote : Increasingly used, quotes have become essential in your decoration.
  • Abstract art : a source of inspiration for all our designers, our abstract metallic decorations bring to light subjects as striking as they are different.
  • Metal World Map: world maps like you've never seen them with our black metal collection!

Metal wall decoration representing the world map

Artwall and Co presents its maps of the world. A perfect theme for metal wall decor, in the living room or office.

A range of metal wall decoration in its own right

The representation of the terrestrial globe has always been a classic subject in the wall decor. On Artwall and Co we can see that metal can adopt an infinite number of styles on the same theme. None are alike, yet they represent the same world.

The same world according to several points of view

Some are models for travelers, very realistic and with markers. Others are for those who like a more artistic vision. There is something for every taste.

Choose a place to hang the metal wall art decoration

A metallic decoration has to be put in a particular place to be in sight.

A central and clear wall to highlight your work

To find a coherence with a modern interior, the metal wall art decor likes to sit on an open space. A clear basis for the color of the wall makes it possible to emphasize the lines of the material.

The ideal lighting to see your metal wall decoration

A light is always essential to magnify the wall decoration. With metal, the ideal is to project shadows to give volume and attract the eye. Side or side lighting is sometimes more suitable for a more artistic aspect.

The piece to decorate with your metal wall decoration

Depending on the theme you choose from our collections, you can put your metal wall decor in the room of your apartment that you want. And even outdoors if you have a relaxation area to decorate. The map of the world is particularly appreciated in the office or the nursery.

A simple and aesthetic hook for your wall decor

Hanging a metal wall decoration must be done in a simple and practical way.

Presenting your order at Artwall and Co

Your package is in a cardboard box filled with bubble paper. This allows your metal wall decor to keep its original shape and be delivered safely.

How to hang your metal wall decoration

No need for the full range of Sunday's handyman to set up your metal wall decoration from Deco & Chic. Our works are accompanied by a hanging system that makes the task easier. All you have to do is put it on your wall and send us your most beautiful picture!