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Haute Brune

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Modern Artist HauteBrune

Art took possession of her senses and emotions when she was a child. It is through her works that the contemporary artist Haute Brune expresses her world in which she multiplies her creations in various fields.  She is as good with the palette as with the writer’s quill. She carves Time in the vastness of the world, composes on the piano melodies that mix up notes magically to take you into a new world where freedom finally flies off. That is why she claims to be different in the fanciful strange human unreality. Her atypical artistic history is interspersed with exhibitions from Alsace to Italy through different galleries like the Thuillier Galerie in the Marais in Paris. The paintings enriched by varied techniques (oil, acrylic, collage, writing) invite you to meditation where fantasy reigns over all realities.


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