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Black and White Canvas

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 Black and white wall art : printed frame in original style wall decoration

The world’s two most famous colours merge on original black and white canvases. Artwall and Co proposes you a whole collection of black and white deco canvases to make your walls more beautiful with a design and contemporary touch. You will find different visuals of black and white photo canvases in unique and trendy abstract styles. Those low-priced modern canvases will easily fit in a lounge, a bedroom or a kitchen to become the centrepiece of the room. Trust Artwall and Co to make a black and white canvas fit in your apartment.


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The black and white printed canvas at Artwall and Co

No other color duo is more representative than black and white. There was a time when all photos were in black and white. The old days, some laymen would say, but in the contemporary world, we are returning to this fashion which is even becoming a trend in interior design.

These two shades have become a means of artistic expression, classic and timeless.

The special feature of the black and white printed canvas

Black and white is timeless, stylish and above all very fashionable in interiors right now. This exceptional duo is brought up to date by Artwall and Co for fans of decorative minimalism.

The black and white theme in the wall decoration

In photography, these two opposing and complementary colors are reminiscent of the old days. Vintage as you could say. However, they are making a strong comeback in our interiors to mark modernity, inspiring renowned decorators and talented designers.

A quality black and white wall art on Artwall and Co

Black and white is great so as not to overload the atmosphere. It's perfect for keeping it simple while having flavor. We highlight the theme and we play with shapes, so we can do without colors. Artwall and Co's black and white wall art emphasizes the quality of the photo, to bring out the beauty of the landscape or the subject.

How to hang the black and white printed canvas

A wall decoration perfectly integrates its environment only when it is well put in place. Otherwise, it clashes, and does not fit in with the environment. Artwall and Co made their black and white printed canvas easy to hang.

An easy-to-hang black and white printed canvas

Anyone can make a great photo, but hanging it up is not always easy. For a better wall decoration, you need a modern fixing system that does not require making holes in the wall. This is what you can have with the black and white printed canvas from Artwall and Co.

How to set up the place for your black and white wall decoration

Best with this kind of canvas, it's a solid color on the walls. Not necessarily black or white, but stay in neutral tones to have continuity in the appearance. Gray for example, to stay in between.

How the black and white printed board is made

A good wall decoration takes time to be made. The process is long and tedious, to have a black and white printed board arriving at your home in perfect condition and ready to install.

A quality black and white board

A guarantee of quality and a short circuit between the work of the artist and the arrival on your wall. Artwall and Co also ensures exceptional quality, whether in high definition printing or on the supports used: canvas, aluminum, plexiglass.

How does your black and white board arrive?

Your black and white board arrives at your home in perfect condition. The packaging follows a process developed to fully preserve the artwork that will dress your interior. After all, Artwall and Co is about quality until packaging. Bubble wrap is in direct contact with the work, then everything is enclosed in a cardboard box with a reinforced edge that protects everything.

The different black and white print canvas on Artwall and Co

Black and white intrigues the imagination. Our eyes, naturally accustomed to distinguishing colors, are always surprised by this almost distorted presentation. An artificial touch that simplifies a world that is often too colorful.

Multi panel black and white wall art

Multi-panel boards entered the trend a few years ago. They display modernity, but above all allow to occupy more space. We talk about a triptych when we have a series of three, but there can be up to six panels decoration on Artwall and Co !

The zebra : essential subject of black and white

The zebra is the most famous black and white animal of the African savannah. Obviously, when you only see him on a wall print canvas, it seems very natural. If you want an animal that fits perfectly with the "black and white" theme, this is the one to choose.

Black and white texts and portraits

Written and framed texts are one of those modern black and white canvas print that have been successful since the turn of the century in interior design. A famous quote, a leitmotif, or a biblical saying.

Artwall and Co presents some of them to you on the site, at a very attractive price.

How to choose your black and white printed wall canvas

Wall art in black and white, there is something for everyone. Most of the time, we place them in the living room, but we can also only put them in the bedroom or in the kitchen.

Black and white boards for small areas

Choose simple wall art canvas, in portrait for example, for surfaces that are quite small. A dancing Michael Jackson or a smoking Audrey Hepburn, it doesn't matter, the black and white wall decoration needs to fit into the wall and stand out from your overall interior design.

Black and white boards for large surfaces

For large surfaces to be decorated, triptychs and multi-panel canvas print are recommended. Instead of putting several different works on the same wall, choose several black and white decoration that complement each other to present the same scene.