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Elephant Canvas

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Elephant canvas print : Elephant wall decoration in exotic style

The famous pachyderm in a unique collection of elephant print canvases ! In black and white, design, watercolours, our animal art canvases show African elephants to give your interior a trendy touch. With its trunk and large ears, this unique and very gentle animal will bring a contemporary and deco touch to your interior. Those elephant wall canvases are ideal for a long corridor or a child’s bedroom decoration.


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Artwall and Co has a variety of printed canvas of animals, including elephants in which they are featured. The reasons are simple. The elephant is associated with wisdom, longevity, prosperity and benevolence. Characters that the designers want to bring out in these elephant printed canvases.

Elephant canvas print : a matter of taste and elegance

If you are looking to add a touch of elegance to your interior, you need a printed frame. It is a decoration that defies time because of its quality of manufacture but also because it is always in vogue. The decorators of Artwall and Co seek to create a contemporary design that easily merges with other adornments in any room.

The elephant is an iconic animal in Western, Eastern and African beliefs. In your home, its presence will bring luck, temperance but also power. Everything about the elephant exudes positivism. Thus, as a wall ornament, the elephant printed canvas creates an atmosphere of well-being and serenity.

For large white walls, our multiple elephant canvas will be the perfect piece in your interior.

Elephant printed canvas : A state-of-the-art wall decoration

If there's one thing Artwall and Co takes great pride in, it's in the detail. Very concerned with rendering, we choose thick and quality fabrics. We have a plotter that uses inkjet technology. A canvas print that respects the original colors. The pigments of the prints are raised. The elephant print frame do not have a floating frame, to mold to your wall. The materials used by Artwall and Co aim to make the canvas print resistant to humidity and UV rays.

In our collection of elephant prints, the photographs vary in period, color and space. You could find a design painting that represents a herd of elephants, another of an elephant in the African savannah or in abstract art. The formats vary according to your needs. An image can also stand out on one, three or five panels.

Elephant decorative canvas print : Location and maintenance tips

For a good location, make sure the elephant canvas print is at eye level, between 1m65 and 1m75. Printed pwall artneed a few conditions to be able to illuminate your interior for as long as you want. Choose a section of the wall that is sheltered from the sun so that the colors of your pframe do not fade. You can always place a lamp next to your canvas print to make it stand out even more. It is also best to hang it away from chimneys. Over time, the heat can crack and peel the printed surface.

Regularly dust your elephant print canvas with a soft, dry cloth. Scroll through our wide range of elephant prints to find the one that will have the most emotional impact. Your interior will be energized and will please the whole family.