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Horse Canvas

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Horse art print on canvas : Wall decoration of this elegant animal

Feel all the elegance of a horse in a collection of animal canvases. A mix of power and refinement comes out of those horse canvases to create a design style in your interior while highlighting the figure and evocative lines of this beautiful animal. Eye captivating, those horses canvases will be the art centrepiece of your house or apartment while still pleasing the rest of your family ! 


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The horse is evocative of freedom, power and vitality. It is these countless qualities that prompted the designers of Artwall and Co to immortalize this animal on a printed canvas.

Horse printed art canvas to perfect your wall decoration

There is no more debate, to stay on trend you need a printed frame. It remains a timeless accessory for your modern wall decoration. But if you want an even more exceptional touch, go for a horse print canvas. With a gallop wall art, the horse reflects in your interior a freedom, an infinite exploration. While an immaculate white horse immerses your room in a sunny and refreshing atmosphere. Artwall and Co offers you a large collection of horse print canvas, where you are sure to find your inspiration.

Horse print canvas : Quality wall decorations

The interior walls are adorned with the latest design to give a particular visual. The timeless trend that dominates the classic wall art remains the printed canvas. The decorators of Artwall and Co always aim for the best to have a range of exceptional pieces. Image processing takes precedence to produce quality prints on a chemical fiber canvas, with crisp and brilliant color schemes. The inks are odorless and non-toxic. Our designers are also strict on the quality of the finalization. Precision is essential for a realistic effect of the image.

Aesthetics in several dimensions with our wall decorations

The art is evident in every horse printed canvas that Artwall and Co offers for sale. Each work must elicit emotions, and whatever they are, each person must feel them at first sight. The horse print wall art will awaken the liveliness and ardor of the room it will adorn. And the dimensions will spoil you. If you have a large enough wall space, you can very well choose triptych frame.

We also have frame with five panels. The effect is a contemporary design, merging perfectly with any other type of decoration. But if you prefer the classic with a single panel, our collection offers you various sizes, ranging from the smallest to the largest. All these size variations allow you to place your decoration in your room, in the children's room, in the hallway, in the office or in the living room.

Horse wall art canvas : Tracking from order to delivery

As soon as you have placed your order, Artwall and Co will make sure to deliver your printed horse painting within a week. Our team wraps it in bubble wrap, with corner protectors so you receive your pristine painting. But if there is any problem, just one contact and we will help you within 24 hours.