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Zebra deco canvas

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Zebra print canvas : Black and white as a wall decoration

The zebra, the animal with the black or white stripes…we are still looking for an answer ! Artwall and Co proposes you a series of zebra decorative canvases to brighten up your interior with a canvas showing the savannah sumptuous animal. Zebra canvases, zebra pop art version, design and many others await you to give a contemporary touch to your interior thanks to unique and original visuals. Those trendy and contemporary zebras will catch your eye thanks to quality modern animal zebra canvases signed Artwall and Co


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Are you looking for modern and decorative wall canvas ? The zebra theme has become one of the most popular at the moment. You have to believe that everything is changing. The domaine du Beau is no exception to this rule. Indeed, the artists of Artwall and Co have now drawn their inspiration beyond the classical and general framework and dare to try out new creations that are even more varied and unusual.

With unique sets of textures and colors to dress your interiors more appropriately with a revolutionary interior decoration. Our zebra canvas prints are concrete and living examples, varying them in a random fashion. With a colored mix or with the essential black and white.

Zebra wall art: its specificity

Zebra wall art canvas denotes a combination of black and white striped colors. The particularity of our collection of zebra wall art lies in the singularity in itself of this emblematic animal. It is an imposing animal, symbolizing harmony and courage.

The wild side brings a singular touch to your interior that almost resembles the landscape dominated by the African savannah. Her two-step set is no exception. It has been expertly exploited by our artists at Artwall and Co to bring out a decorative and modern canvas. Indeed, the marriage of black and striped white, if it is well arranged, is particularly relaxing on the eye.

Zebra printed canvas : a great choice for your wall decoration

Our zebra canvas print is like a catch-all. Indeed, it is suitable for all bedrooms and adapts to the decoration of any room where it is placed. Certainly, it does not find its place in a museum or in a gallery. But he knows how to put his signature in homes where a friendly atmosphere and a relaxed atmosphere reign.

The rule is simple. Black and white, the natural colors of the zebra, are colors that are often very omnipresent in an interior. Whether for walls, ceilings. This, same for the furniture. Especially since white furniture is very trendy at the moment. To be able to provide more choice, our artists had the brilliant idea of ​​declining certain zebra wall art in multi colors. The colors live like yellow, green, blue, ... were put in the spotlight. You can also find in our collection wall canvases in several zebra panels for larger rooms.

These colors combine more easily with other colors such as brown which is very dominant in an interior. Especially for wooden furniture, even after a few coats of varnish, are generally brown.

An easy-to-install zebra frame

As a reminder, the canvas used is of first quality. It is very resistant and the colors are vibrant. Forget screws and tacks, a hook is available on the back of the wall art. Fixing the frameon the wall is so easy.

No more need for several tools, nor a lot of time. In two steps, three movements, the turn is played. Here is your picture hanging. Everyone has their own style too. Others prefer not to put the canvas print up high. But place it flush with the ground, in a corner. Try our zebra wall canvas and you might see for yourself how amazing the results are.

Designer's advice for your zebra wall decoration art

Obviously, you should arrange your apartment well for this kind of decoration. Designers advise coloring your walls with acrylic paints and a white undercoat. White and black go well with almost any color. Besides, you can shade white with black and gray. On the other hand, others simply prefer bright solid colors. But the final choice is up to everyone.

Buy a zebra picture template from the Artwall and Co collection. Rather simple but not traditional, classic but unique.